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Do Braces Make the Roots of Your Teeth Shorter?

People are often concerned about root shortening (root resorption) when it comes to braces and Invisalign. With the use of modern orthodontic techniques, it is highly unlikely for a patient to experience any significant root resorption. The Basics of Resorption Research shows that for orthodontic patients, only 2% of them will finish treatment with root resorption that the eye can detect…

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Words of Wisdom No.8: “Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut“

Braces are an orthodontic treatment that can greatly improve the appearance of the teeth. However, if you don’t take care of the teeth while the braces are worn, then there won’t be as much of an improvement as desired. Invisalign is an option for those who want to be able to eat the foods that they enjoy while still getting…

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Words of Wisdom No. 7 – Stay Fresh

Our grandmothers always told us to stay fresh when going out in public by wearing clean clothing and brushing our teeth. You can also stay fresh by making sure that your teeth are straight and strong by wearing braces that are designed by an expert orthodontist. If you are an adult with crooked teeth that cause a feeling of embarrassment,…

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Why Does the Orthodontist Need an X-ray?

Orthodontics is a special branch of dental medicine that focuses on achieving optimal alignment for the teeth, bite and jaw. Traditional treatment has focused on the use of braces to achieve this goal. Today, in addition to metal braces, there are a number of other treatments, such as Invisalign and Damon Clear braces that are also available for patients who prefer…

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