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Orthodontic Fact #6 The first braces were of a piece of flat metal in 1720.

Align and straighten. That’s exactly what dental braces have been designed to do. In fact, the first pair were invented in the early 1700s, consisting only a piece of flat metal connected to the patient’s teeth by using several pieces of thread. Talk about a rustic look. Orthodontics has advanced significantly during that time, and today, achieving a healthy, Hollywood…

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Words of Wisdom No.10: “Conceal with Color“

Most women are taught how to conceal their facial or body flaws with color such as wearing dark colors, including black or navy blue to look slimmer. Models who are trying to sell makeup to consumers often wear bright red lipstick to make their teeth look whiter. A teenager who needs to wear braces can choose a new variety that…

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Words of Wisdom No.3 – Clean your tongue

When you use Invisalign, it is important to keep your tongue as clean as possible. You can easily remove Invisalign when you need to so that you are able to care for your teeth and tongue properly. If you want to have good oral health, you can ask your orthodontist to help you figure out a cleaning regiment that will…

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