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A Smile is the Most Beautiful Curve on a Woman

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Woman's Smile - Marin OrthoA smile is indeed the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body. It is the most notable and most powerful. A beautiful smile exudes confidence, can encourage others and holds an undeniable amount of strength.

There is no need to hide behind an imperfect smile.

It is never too late to improve your smile. There are multiple options for adult patients to choose in orthodontist care. Traditional braces have had huge improvements and changes through the years such as tooth colored porcelain braces and new materials that help re-position teeth quicker. Invisalign is an incredible option for those who want to keep their orthodontic treatment most discreet.

A few reasons to consider orthodontic treatments:
-Correctly positioned teeth can help you look much younger
-Teeth that are properly positioned also function as they should, allowing for proper digestion
-Gorton and Schmohl are Invisalign experts
-Adults get a say in their plan for treatment

Adults of any age can take advantage of specially planned orthodontic options, alleviating insecurities about their looks, as well as the health risks of leaving orthodontic concerns untreated. Improper tooth alignment is often linked gum disease and excessive wear of teeth. Dentists often refer patients to orthodontists Gorton and Schmohl to straighten teeth for better oral care and health, keep from grinding down teeth, and improve the bite for overall health or to prepare teeth to receive crowns or veneers.

Dr. Jasmine Gorton and Dr. Bill Schmohl have both taken in-depth additional coursework to learn and know how the placement and shape of teeth can significantly affect the appearance and function of the face long term. They have perfected the art of the smile arc, when the teeth follow the curve of the smile.

If you are concerned about shifting or the position of your teeth, schedule a consultation with Gorton and Schmohl.

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