Expansion with Metal Expanders

Expanders use the baby teeth as handles to make more room for the adult teeth that will grow in later and/or correct cross bites. Cross bites are caused by a narrow upper arch which prevents the teeth from coming together correctly in the back.

Rapid Palatal Expanders are recommended for children with severe airway constriction. Palatal expansion especially benefits children with symptoms of sleep apnea by increasing the patient’s airway measurements. This leads to better breathing and sleeping ability!

Your speech may take one to two days to adapt to the new wires. Practice reading out loud at home and repeat any words that your new tongue position has difficulty making with your expander.

The expander is typically followed by either upper front braces and a lower crozat/lower lingual arch or upper and lower Invisalign. Both of these options widen the lower arch to match the upper and close residual spaces in the teeth.

upper expander
Airway 1
lower expander