Damon Smiles (Metal)

The three most important elements to an orthodontic patient are low-level pain, short treatment time and comfort. Damon System Braces can help a dental patient with all of those for the same price as traditional braces.

If you have an open bite, crossbite or significant crowding, then this system may be right for you. Drs Gorton and Schmohl are the orthodontists in Marin with the most experience with the Damon Smiles technique.  They feel that there is a number of their patients for whom the Damon braces will be a better choice for their treatment efficiency and final result.

Colors can be added to the Damon braces for decoration but are not needed to hold the wires into the braces like traditional Braces with Colors.  Damon Smiles also come in Clear and colors can also be added to those at any appointment for decoration.

damon braces patient - marin orthodontics
Damon Braces - Marin Ortho

Why Choose Our Services?

We are the only orthodontic office in the area who have been using the Damon Braces since they first became  available and both Drs Gorton and Schmohl were part of the group of doctors who helped develop the Damon braces. Our professional staff are highly trained and experienced using every orthodontic technique available and both doctors are heavily involved directly in the patient’s treatment. We have accumulated an amazing number of satisfied patients who have experienced our approach to orthodontic treatment and they now smile with a beautiful smile.  A smile is forever, so we want to make sure we have maximized every patient’s potential for a “WOW Smile“!

If you and your child are concerned about a bite isue or teeth that don’t look the way they should, you can contact our office for a consultation. We will take the time to sit down and explain the entire treatment process and benefits related to orthodontic treatment.  Our goal is to give our patients the smile they have always dreamed of.