Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring is a mobile app we use to monitor our patient’s tooth movement from the comfort of their own home. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we used Dental Monitoring for our international patients and those who had relocated out of the area. Since then, we have expanded the use of Dental Monitoring to all of our Invisalign patients! This technology allows patients to have their orthodontic progress checked remotely while enabling our doctors to monitor treatment progress more closely than ever before!

Dental Monitoring 1Dental Monitoring 2

Dental Monitoring allows patients to use their mobile device to submit “scans” of their teeth for observation. The sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) software monitors individual tooth movements for proper aligner tracking, oral hygiene status, bite progress, gingival issues, loss of any attachments, etc. All notifications are overseen by our talented Team and Doctors, so patients and parents have the ability to message our office through the app with any questions or concerns. We even use the Dental Monitoring app to notify patients when it’s time to come in for in-office appointments!