Orthodontext Reminders

It can be easy for patients to forget to put on elastics, change aligners, practice new hygiene habits and lots of other little things that are extremely important when it comes to finishing orthodontic treatment on time with an excellent result.

We have a trusted way to help with compliance, which is friendly and automatic, by using a third-party solution called Orthodontext.

It’s fast and easy to get started with Orthodontext. When you or your child decides to have reminders sent, just let any of our team members know and we will take care of the initial sign up process. The kinds of reminders possible include elastics, bands, hygiene and anything else that’s necessary. You can also choose on our website the days and times to have a reminder text sent to you or your child’s phone.

As a patient learns to be mindful of the actions and habits that help them follow their treatment carefully, they can change the reminders they’ve signed up for. They’re in control of the process, and they can choose to change the times that the texts are sent to them, the types of text reminders they receive, and even disable those reminders when they’ve gotten into the habit and no longer need them, or when those activities are no longer a part of their oral care routine. Orthodontext has been a great benefit to our orthodontic patients at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics.

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