The Pitts21 system is intended to deliver consistent results using self-ligating bracket technology, meaning you don’t need rubber ties to hold the wires into place.

Pitts Bracket System 1

Additionally, the manufacturing process is aimed to ensure that Pitts21 brackets provide the tightest tolerances in the industry. More specifically, there is a reduced slot depth in the design of the brackets to provide a tighter pairing between the wire and the bracket leading to earlier engagement, improved torque, and better control. This allows for stunning smiles in significantly shorter treatment time.

Our very own patient treated with Pitts 21 bracket system!

Pitts Bracket System 2

Pitts Bracket System 3
  • Hooks integrated on the brackets are rounded to minimize irritation
  • Smoothed edges guarantee maximum comfort!
  • The sliding gate system provides stability and predictability in the tooth-moving process!