A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

A smile is unique to everyone yet it is universally understood all over the world. A beautiful smile with beautiful teeth can help make a great first impression on a job interview or first date. Orthodontists are dental specialists that focus on the care and treatment of teeth that are misaligned. They recommend initial examinations for children as young as age 7 in order to evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment as their adult teeth begin coming in.

The possible need for bracing of teeth can’t be too early or too late. Misaligned teeth can not only affect one’s looks cosmetically, but also affect the jaw. When orthodontic treatment is not introduced, teeth will continue to shift, possibly even causing tooth loss and jaw or head pain.

Advances in orthodontia have allowed for digital three dimensional imaging of the structure of patient’s mouths. It is completely non invasive and without exposure to radiation or the need for molds. Digital imaging allows for the most precise diagnostic imagery. This allows orthodontists to prescribe the exact appliances and treatment plan necessary for each patient’s unique case.

Several types of orthodontic appliances exist including traditional metal braces with wires and rubber bands. They readjusted regularly and often are the quickest method for straightening teeth. There are similar adjustable braces that are colored or clear plastic. This allows for less conspicuous braces in an older or self conscious patient.

Invisalign is another popular choice for teen and adults who require minimal adjustment. They are completely clear and undetectable. They can be removed for easy cleaning and eating as they simply fit over the tops of the teeth and are pressed on. Lingual braces are placed only on the inside of the teeth. They are a stronger pull, yet unseen from the outside.

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