Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile ― Anthony Liccione

pearlyTeeth aren’t pearly, until you smile ― Anthony Liccione

Are you proud of your lovely teeth? If so, show them to the world with a big smile! However, if you feel that your teeth could be straighter to give you a perfectly symmetrical smile, consider consulting an orthodontist. Chances are corrective treatment is much easier and more affordable than you think. Here are just a few services that a competent orthodontist can provide to make your smile memorable to everyone who sees it.

Traditional braces.

Wires and brackets have successfully improved the smiles of countless people for decades. Effective, affordable, and convenient, traditional braces help to straighten teeth, shift them to their proper positions, and close gaps caused by missing teeth. Within a relatively short time, your smile will be amazingly transformed, and you will feel more confident than ever when you begin receiving compliments on your new look.

Specialty braces.

For those who want to have orthodontic work done with a flair, they may be eligible for colorful brackets in their favorite colors, school colors, or other combinations. They might also be interested in Invisalign, a near-invisible type of treatment that most observers will not notice. Other types of treatment are available and can be explained when you call for an appointment.

Auxiliary treatment.

If other treatment is needed to address oral issues in the mouth, such as being tongue-tied or having an undescended tooth embedded in the upper palate, the orthodontist will either perform this work or refer the patient to a qualified specialist. These additional services will be scheduled to coordinate with orthodontic treatment so that everything comes together in order as planned.

Schedule an Orthodontic Examination in Larkspur Today

In Marin County, Calif., you can visit Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics to have an examination and treatment from these professionals:

• Dr. Jasmine Gorton
• Dr. Bill Schmohl

An orthodontist will discuss orthodontic options with you to repair problems such as crowded teeth, crossbites or overbites. Depending on your malocclusions, you can wear one of these devices:

• Retainers
• Invisalign
• WildSmiles
• Braces with colors
• Traditional or Damon Clear

We also offer WowSmiles and Acceledent options to our orthodontic patients. Schedule an appointment by calling 415-459-8006 today.

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