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Teeth-Friendly Fruits &Vegetables No. 6: Watermelon

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When one has braces, they are forced to avoid most of their favorite foods. Chewy and hard foods such as taffy and nuts respectively, damage various kinds of braces or get stuck on them. Braces force one to avoid particular foods. However, did you know that watermelon is one of the teeth-friendly fruit and vegetables that one can comfortably enjoy without worrying about damages on these dental gadgets?

Benefits of Water Melon

Watermelon is a juicy and soft fruit that is easy to chew up. Therefore, it does not stick to one’s teeth. Also, watermelon does not stain one’s teeth despite its red color. It is a perfect source of nutrients such as phosphorous which work together with calcium to replenish and strengthen one’s teeth. Additionally, it provides vitamin C which is crucial for the production of collagen.

Is Watermelon The Only Solution?

As much as watermelon promotes healthy teeth, it does not fix one’s orthodontic issues. Although one may have strong and healthy teeth, the crooked ones may not straighten up by taking watermelons. This is why you should visit an orthodontist for all your dental issues. We have a strong team of professionals that provides education on various methods of solving dental issues and offer the most modern treatments options.

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