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With social media becoming increasingly popular, many families look to online reviews to help guide them to the best orthodontic office in the area.  It would be helpful and very much appreciated if you would consider writing an online review (click on icons below) describing your experience in our office in regard to doctors, staff, treatment process.  If you have completed your braces/Invisalign, you can also share how happy you are with your beautiful new smile!

For ideas on the types of comments others have found helpful, see past reviews from our patients further down this page.

 How to leave a Testimonial or Review
  1. Visit any of the 3rd party review sites in the ‘Review This Biz’ box above and find our profile page by searching for Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics in Larkspur.
  2. Sign in and leave a review. Thank you!

customer at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics

“You guys rock! Some people are afraid of their orthodontists but I love mine. You are all so sweet and friendly, and you got the extra mile with cupcakes and prizes. You are all awesome. Thank you so much!”
Daniela M., San Anselmo
“I had a really good experience here. I never had any problems with my braces. I was able to get them off when the doctors said I would when I first got them on.”
Sari W., San Rafael
“I think about all the years we spent in your office with fond and warm memories. Those were good years even though I’m not sure I knew that then. You were so good to Lili (as you were/are to all your patients) and I know you understand after watching us together how devoted we were to each other.”
Laura T., Kentfield
“Many thanks to the orthodontists for my new smile; it could not have been an easier process and I love my new smile.”
Griffin O., Corte Madera
“Everyone was very friendly and every time I came in I knew I was in good hands. The experience was definitely worth it. Two years for a good smile for the rest of my life is a great deal.”
Devon B., San Rafael
“I’d like to tell you I’m comfortable with and enjoying the results of your dedicated work with my challenging mouth. The real beauty is it doesn’t call attention and appears natural. I thank you for seeing the possibilities you could work with and sticking with them. I enjoy the results every day.”
Dana M., Novato
“My daughter Melina and I felt comfortable at your office; she was very impressed with your chair-side manner, “She was so gentle”. Thank you for answering my questions. I was impressed that you did not push us into moving forward with an intervention now, suggesting that we take another look at her teeth in eight months.”
Scott T., San Anselmo
“You and your staff are the best! Many, many thanks for all the extra time you gave Dylan!”
Margaret F., Mill Valley
“Thank you so much for caring so much about your job, it means a lot to me.”
Michael S., Kentfield
“The office is full of caring and professional staff who are friendly (providing a cupcake for patients’ birthdays) and there are video games to play while you wait. A computer system that is rivaled by none tracks all of the stages, supplying a clear and concise explanation of what is needed, what will be provided, and the timeframe for treatment. I have two children – one in the middle of the second and final phase and one waiting to begin the second/final phase. I have been very pleased all around. I paid in full up-front the amount quoted and was never asked for another penny. There are no surprise fees or unexpected expenses. This office has an atmosphere of professionalism that allows for fun. Highly recommended.”
“Our experience was so pleasant that when treatment was over we had withdrawal symptoms.”
Marnie S., Mill Valley
“The entire office takes the time and effort to explain procedures, billing, payments etc. in an extremely polite and friendly manner.”
Linda W., Kentfield
“The professionals are top quality. Good, clean office and pleasant staff. I like the internet, digital and record-keeping aspect of the office.”
Michael R., Greenbrae

“I can’t stop smiling! I will have eternal gratitude for the staff here. My smile is so white and beautiful. I am finally proud to show off my smile. Thank you for all you have done! I can’t wait to eat candy.”
Jackie L, San Anselmo
“Thanks a million for your great professional services and your friendly care for my daughter Ariel. She will know have a beautiful smile and will be proud of her straight teeth. Coming in for check-ups has been fun for all these years.”
Ute W., San Rafael
“My experience here was extremely easy going. I always knew what I was supposed to do, was never in pain, and now have beautiful straight teeth!”
Jeremy B., Kentfield
“Coming here has opened up all kinds of new opportunities for me, it has created a reason for me to smile more.”
Cyrus R., Greenbrae
“I used to be afraid to smile, but you guys have boosted my confidence. Thanks so much!”
Jilian B., Novato
“I love the atmosphere here. It’s so fun, inviting and a calm place.”
Dylan M., Corte Madera
“My friends interrupt me to say, Sorry, I missed that because I was staring at your perfectly straight teeth.”
Emma T., Mill Valley
“I always liked to smile and now I can smile even bigger with my new smile.”
Kailey K., Ross
“It was a wonderful experience. I was glad I came to get braces here. All the doctors are wonderful, very nice, and very modern. I loved everything about this place.”
Angel B., Vallejo
“I’m still in awe when I look in the mirror everyday– such a transformation. I love my new smile, thanks to you!”
Jenny W., Orinda
“Everyone in the office seems conscious of the need for trying to do things right. Integrity!”
Dean F., San Rafael
“Before making the decision to see the orthodontist, I looked up all the information ahead of time on the website. This gave me a background of the office, as well as information about the options for getting braces. For certain info, it’s easier and less hassle on the staff, to do your own research. 🙂 …Not only is my orthodontist(s) friendly/personable, but they are willing to listen to all of the concerns from the patients. It is apparent they have experience in providing professional services.”
Christina W., Sausalito
“We get in and out of there quickly. Everyone else we know complains about how backlogged their orthodontist is.”
Ann B., Greenbrae
“No pulling of teeth, VERY knowledgeable, and very friendly office.”
Meredith B., Mill Valley
“Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! I love it and so does my husband, my family, my friends, and my neighbors. Guess that means I’m smiling a lot more these days!”
Sincerely Teresa S., Fairfax
“Thanks much for the excellent care taken by you and your staff for our son. Your house is a happy one. Thanks, a smile is forever!”
Susan & Mark A., San Rafael
“Thank you for a lovely smile for my daughter! We love your office.”
Janis S., San Rafael

What our local dentists are saying about us…

  • “It is such a pleasure to share patients with you. My families rave about you and your office and your treatment is top-notch in every way.“
  • “Thank you for the care and expertise you give to my family and patients.”
  • “Thank you for all the good work you do for my patients, and being so organized and responsive to their needs.”
  • “It is a pleasure to share patients with you. I know I can confidently refer families to you knowing they will be taken good care of in all ways. Your care is top notch and the patients always return raving about their experience at your office – Thank You.”

The best way to thank us is to leave a review for future patients!


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