Drs. Gorton, Schmohl and Bekmezian have such extensive experience with a wide variety of orthodontic scenarios which ensures that a treatment plan outline and exact fee can usually be generated at the time of the initial consultation for patients who are ready to start treatment. The doctors then review all the records thoroughly and if there is an unexpected finding or complexity, they contact the patient/family to discuss this.

For other patients, such as multidisciplinary cases involving communication with other doctors, a follow-up appointment is set for the patient/family to meet with the doctors to review the records together and discuss the treatment options. It is also possible to have this appointment set up remotely by phone/internet if more convenient, since all patients have secure access to their photo and X-ray records.

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Sometimes, the first appointment or two will be focused on verbal coaching for a patient who may be apprehensive or who has a habit which may be treatable at home. For younger patients who exhibit persistent thumb or finger sucking, Dr. Gorton has written an article for the “Marin Mommies” group that provides helpful ideas for transitioning away from the habit.

It’s Good To Talk

Treatment plan discussion is not limited to the beginning of treatment. The doctors are available to answer any questions at any time throughout the course of treatment.

Treatment Plan Confirmed