WildSmiles Braces®

Take your orthodontic braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles Braces! The fun alternative to conventional braces at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics in Marin.

wildsmiles larkspur CA

WildSmiles are high quality stainless steel braces with shaped bases (the part which attaches to your tooth). Drs Gorton & Schmohl provide the WildSmiles option to our younger patients if they need braces on their upper four front teeth as part of their Phase 1 intervention treatment. We always have Stars and Hearts in our office and Soccer Balls, Footballs, Flowers and Super-Diamonds are also available on request.

You can see what different combinations of shapes look like (it is OK to mix and match!) and design your own smile: Click here to GET WILD! When the braces you have chosen are placed, you have the same color selection as regular braces (although sometime the shapes show up better when you pick a clear color).

There is no fee difference in our office if you choose WildSmiles over traditional rectangular braces. We want to make sure that your make the journey to a perfect smile is as fun as possible!

WildSmile Girl