Never Do an Impression Again!

At Marin Ortho, we use a 3D-scanner and 3D-printer for teeth that need orthodontic treatment, eliminating the need for an impression.

marin orthodontics 3d printer models

How it’s Done

  • We use a laser scanner to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and your bite.
  • We transmit the digital file wirelessly to a 3D printer which prints a 3D model of your teeth.
  • We use the 3D model to make a custom retainer or aligner.

Thanks to our light scanner and 3D printer, our patients never have to take a mold/impression and our Invisalign patients enjoy a more accurate fit of their aligners.3D Scans and 3D Printing (No More Impressions!) 1

What are the benefits?

Comfortable, Safe, Accurate, & Fast

  • No gooey mess associated with impression materials
  • Allows the patient to breathe and swallow naturally
  • No unpleasant taste
  • No radiation exposure
  • Uses a laser to generate the images
  • Provides a precise fit of Invisalign® aligners and retainers
  • Eliminates the need to retake impressions multiple times
  • Offers an instant view of the teeth and bite for visualization and review
  • Results in faster delivery times for personalized Invisalign treatment plans

Invisalign, retainers, expanders, Herbst appliances – every appliance we order and use in our office can be processed and printed digitally so our patients never need to have an impression taken!

At our office, you can say goodbye to “goop!”

Study Models

Interactive CBCT images can be fused with 3D digital scans to help us clearly visualize teeth, their roots, the bone surrounding the teeth, the jaw joints, the sinuses, the airway, and the jaw bones, providing an unprecedented level of information for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.