Too old for what?

  • Too old to have a great smile? (properly positioned teeth can often make you look years younger!)
  • Too old to want to chew your food well? (properly functioning teeth allow for better digestion!)
  • Too old to be seen in braces? (Nearly all of our adults choose Invisalign!)
  • Too old for your teeth to be moved? (slowly but surely!)
  • Want only limited treatment for a few teeth? (That’s OK!- Adults in our practice get a say in their treatment plan)

Since we started using Invisalign at its inception in 1999, our practice has grown to accommodate 30% adult patients, which is relatively high for an orthodontic office.  For almost every adult of any age, a carefully planned orthodontic option is almost always better than the health consequences of leaving the orthodontic concerns untreated. Many times, patients don’t realize that improper tooth position is often correlated to problems with the gums and excess wear of the teeth.

GandS Orthodontic couple - Invisalign

If you come to our office in the mornings, you will see that orthodontics is not just for children. Invisalign began recognizing its most experienced providers in 2006 and we are the only practice in Marin to have achieved the status of “Elite Invisalign Provider” for several years in a row. We have treated over 1,000 patients and our patients have been selected as finalists in the national case competitions for best before and after cases.

Sometimes an adult will come in to improve the appearance of their smile; in other instances a dentist will request that their patient see us in order to align teeth for better brushing/flossing/oral health, stop wearing down their front teeth or to improve the chances of a crown/veneer lasting longer if the bite is corrected first.

Drs. Gorton and Schmohl are well aware of the differences between adults and children with regards to recession, bone levels, speed of tooth movement, tooth grinding, crowns, bridges, root canals, implants, etc and how to incorporate these into the treatment plan.

Not every adult should pursue orthodontic treatment, but you never know until you ask! If you have noticed any shifting or have any concerns about the position of your teeth please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to get a professional opinion.