Tooth Reshaping (Manicure)

Did you know that the shape of an individual tooth can influence whether the tooth and therefore the smile, looks young or old, masculine or feminine? The nuances of smile esthetics is of special interest to Dr. Gorton and she has taken courses from the leading doctors in the field such as Tomas Castellanos.

Diamonds can be used to gently reshape the enamel in between the teeth as well as the corners and edges to camouflage small discrepancies that happened during tooth formation or as a result of chipping or wear patterns over time. 

For more significant tooth shape issues such as narrow teeth or larger chips, we work together with your regular dentist to set your teeth to the position that will allow them to produce the most ideal result for you. When you have finished treatment your dentist will add material to the tooth to fill out the shape and make it proportional, this process is called bonding.