Why Are My Brackets So High?

At Marin Ortho, we work hard to ensure facial balance with Smile-Arc Esthetics for all of our patients. We’re committed to state-of-the-art advancements and the latest technology, which is why you should always visit your local orthodontist for an orthodontic consultation.

Our patients often ask us why we place their brackets so high on the front teeth, closer to gum (gingival). We didn’t make a mistake! The placement of your brackets is actually dependent on your smile arc. The smile arc is defined as the relationship of the curvature of edges of your teeth, to the curvature of the lower lip when smiling. An ideal smile arc has the maxillary incisal edge curvature parallel to the curvature of the lip, meaning the arch of your teeth should match the arc of your lips when you smile. Did you know that over time the lips shift downward so that we show less of our teeth as we age? Starting with more teeth showing as a teen is an advantage for the adult years and we can even improve smile arcs for adults using Invisalign.

***Note: Smile Arc can be achieved with either braces or Invisalign in the hands of an experienced provider!
sap method vs traditional method
patient smile arc protection method

Proper bracket placement is necessary in order to achieve facial balance. Marin Ortho proudly uses Smile Arc Esthetics for all patients to ensure your smile is perfect!

  • Improved esthetics
  • Better control of axial inclination
  • Lines up the contact points
  • Better function

Ask your orthodontist to learn more about it!