Smiles Gallery 1

What is the difference between a nice smile and a Marin Ortho Smile?

Note that each smile is different than the other, as the Doctors make the extra effort to customize each smile to fit the patient’s natural facial features for an optimal balance.

Despite their uniqueness, there are some things these smiles have in common that differentiate them from patients finished in many other orthodontic offices.

All Doctors have taken additional coursework to understand how the shape and placement of a tooth can greatly affect not only the function, but the appearance of the face long term.

For every patient, we want their front teeth to follow the curve of their smile (“smile arc”), we want their teeth to show all the way to the back teeth to fill their smile (“12 tooth smile”) and we want the final tooth shape restored to resemble what it was when the teeth first erupted into the mouth (in case they have been chipped or worn down).

We even pay attention to the position and shape of the gums since they also influence a smile.

When you successfully complete your orthodontic treatment at Marin Ortho, we want you to walk out of our office with not just a smile on your face, but a “WOW Smile”!

All photos on this page are of our patients.