logo diamond invisalign providerDo you have a child between the ages of 7-10 who does not seem to have room for all of their teeth or who has been told they may need expanders?

Due to their extensive experience treating patients with the Invisalign technique, the doctors at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics were one of 54 orthodontic offices worldwide invited to participate in the development of the protocol for using Invisalign clear aligners for expansion.

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Young children or their parents sometimes have concerns about the comfort of the traditional expansion process involving separators followed by placement of metal expanders with sour tasting glue. Previously available alternatives such as full time retainer-style expanders are similarly bulky on the roof of the mouth, influencing speech and swallowing, at least in the short term.

For all of these options, removing food trapped between the roof of the mouth and the appliance at mealtimes is a lifestyle change for patients until the completion of active treatment with the expanders. Additionally, braces on the upper and/or lower front teeth are recommended or requested to address the alignment. As with the expanders, patients need to be careful to avoid hard/sticky foods and to spend extra time on oral hygiene.

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Clear aligners are a more hygienic and comfortable alternative that replaces both upper/lower expanders and braces. The use of these removable clear trays has been proven to be a viable treatment method in our office for any children needing expansion and/or tooth straightening . Most of our Phase 1 Invisalign patients finish in about 6 months, thanks to specific protocols pioneered by the doctors at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics.