There are different reasons why you might need a retainer. The most common reason is to help your teeth stay set in their new positions after wearing braces or Invisalign.  It’s important to wear your retainer because your teeth tend to shift. The retainer helps to minimize this shifting, which occurs naturally over time. This is even true for people who have never had braces.

After your orthodontics treatment is complete, we make you a retainer and ask you to wear it every night while you are sleeping. Usually you only have a top retainer to wear because we glue a small wire behind your lower front teeth that acts as a permanent retainer. The retainer keeps the teeth in line and you won’t even notice it while you’re sleeping!

There are 2 different kinds of removable retainers. We have invisible clear retainers (Invisalign Retainer). The other kind we have is a traditional plastic and wire retainer comes in many different colors and designs – you can even design your own! The type of retainer you get depends on your bite.

Bonded Lower Retainer Wire


Clear Retainer (Invisalign Retainer)

clear retainer

Traditional Plastic and Wire Retainer