marin orthodontics - payment options

Straightforward Fee Structure:

Our treatment fees are based on the level of complexity of each case.

Multiple family members needing orthodontic treatment?

We offer a family courtesy for all siblings and even parents interested in treatment!

Online Payment Plan Customization:

We have partnered with OrthoFi to make paying for orthodontic treatment convenient and customizable. In addition to traditional monthly payment plans, they offer interest-free financing, payment plans with no money down, automatic checking account or credit card drafts, the option of extending payments beyond the estimated treatment time, and options for discounts on the total cost of treatment.

They offer 24/7 online access to your account and insurance expertise.


Orthodontic insurance is a group employee benefit that is chosen by your employer. We will use OrthoFi to file an insurance claim on your behalf with the insurance information you provide.

If you have any specific questions about your orthodontic insurance, please call your insurance company or your employer’s personnel or benefits department. We will do everything possible to maximize your benefits.

Flex Plan

Many employers offer Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts. With these plans, accounts are funded pre-tax and can be used to pay for qualified medical or dental expenses. There are very specific guidelines with HSAs and FSAs. Please check with your employer regarding your plan and we will be happy to assist you in utilizing this health care benefit.

orthifi payment plan

Payment Options