Orthodontics for Teens

For most teens, the most efficient time to start treatment is once all of their permanent teeth have erupted. Treatment usually involves control of every tooth in the mouth with either full braces or Invisalign in order to achieve an excellent fit of all the teeth and a smile that looks incredible. The decision between doing treatment with Invisalign versus braces is completely up to the patient at Marin Ortho! We can achieve the same results with both and treatment with Invisalign is the same price as it is with braces so it is purely based on patient preference.Invisalign for Teens 1

Unlike young children who sometimes beg for braces, teens usually prefer orthodontic intervention to start and end as discreetly as possible. In order to achieve this goal with an outstanding result, Drs. Gorton and Schmohl actively participate in various international study groups with a focus on:

  • Progressive approaches to treatment for both braces and Invisalign
    Success through sharing information for all aspects of the patient experience
    New product development for emerging orthodontic techniques
    Case presentations for Preferred doctors to share tips on more challenging Invisalign cases

This extensive knowledge is then implemented to be able to meet the efficiency teens want without compromising our goals of an excellent result.