Damon Smiles (Metal)

Damon Smile - Marin OrthodonticsThe three most important elements to an orthodontic patient are low-level pain, short treatment and discretion. Damon System Braces can give a dental patient all of those things for the same price as traditional braces. The Damon System is a new teeth alignment repairing technique that many leading orthodontists have started offering.

If you are suffering from an under bite, overbite, cross bite or crowding, then this system may be right for you. You can contact your local orthodontist right here in Marin for an evaluation and to discover if you qualify for the Damon System. You will love several features of the system.

The Benefits of Damon Braces for Adults

The Damon System will allow you to have a certain level of privacy and much more free time than if you were to use traditional braces. The Damon System has self-ligating brackets. Therefore, you do not have to have frequent visits to the practice for tightening. Additionally, Damon Braces are smaller and lighter than traditional metal braces, which makes them harder for another person to notice. Overall, you will have less pain, shorter treatment, and little embarrassment.

Benefits of Damon Braces for Kidsguy with damon smiles metal braces - Marin Ortho

The main benefit of the Damon System for children is the added comfort. Children can tolerate less pain than adults can tolerate. Therefore, they need an alignment correction system that is easy on them. The Damon System’s self-ligating brackets are designed to minimize pain for small children. Without the pain factor, wearing braces can be fun for younger people.

The Cost of Damon Braces

Damon Braces will vary in price according to your specific problem and the length of treatment that the orthodontist foresees. Several payment options are available if you would like to obtain Damon Braces. Damon orthodontists accept many major insurance policies. Another option for payment would be a third-party lending institution. Your orthodontist may have access to third-party applications that you can complete immediately. Some of them will provide you with an instant decision.

The third option for obtaining Damon Braces is a payment arrangement with the orthodontist. Each orthodontists office has its own rules about approving payment plans. The best you can do is ask if you can create an arrangement. A large down payment can help you to obtain approval.

The orthodontist’s goal is to repair your smile and hopefully improve your self-esteem. Therefore, Drs Gorton and Schmohl will try their best to develop an affordable plan to help you to recapture your award-winning smile. If you are curious about the Damon System, do not hesitate to call and ask questions.

Damon Smiles Metal