Finally, there is a more efficient way to fix a crooked smile. Our office was one of the first in the United States to begin using this new kind of orthodontic braces. Not only do they work faster, but they also potentially minimize the discomfort of traditional braces.

Instead of using colored rubber bands to hold the wire into the brackets on the teeth, these braces use clips to hold the wires in place. This makes the braces practically friction-free and less force is required to move the teeth. Light forces are “biologically compatible” meaning that they work with your body for gentler and quicker tooth movement.

This translates into less pressure on your teeth for more comfortable treatment, longer intervals between appointments (8-10 weeks instead of 5-6 weeks), faster tooth movement and possibly a reduction in overall treatment time.

These braces are an option for our patients whose permanent teeth have all erupted.

The TV interview with Dr. Gorton explaining the latest in Orthodontics provides more information about this technology.