We’re Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics in Marin County, California, located in Larkspur and we have 3 doctors working interchangeably on all patients together.

We’re renowned for being a very progressive orthodontic office and that we do everything that’s available in modern orthodontics. If there’s Invisalign that something we’ve adopted in 1999, so we have long experience with this and we’re now very professional at it. We also do of course traditional braces, expanders and more modern techniques such as scans instead of impressions so no goopy molds in your mouth.

We have an interesting approach to consultations that we will take would ever time it takes with the doctor to make sure that we have an efficient and very customized treatment plan for the patient. And if we come up with a plan that’s gonna be the best for them, they’re gonna have a better experience.

I think my teeth look much better, they’re really nice and they’re good orthodontic.

They help you when you don’t have a good smile. They’re loving and they have an awesome price box after.

I would definitely recommend Doctor Gorton. The office is great, this work stuff is wonderful it was a wonderful experience.

In Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics, we want you to leave with a wow smile that looks amazing but also a very healthy functional bite and we want it to be good experience for you in the process.