After years of research and development a next generation of customized braces has finally become available – Insignia. As a member of one of the leading invitation only orthodontic research and product development groups in the United States, our input and feedback played an important role in the development of this new cutting edge orthodontic treatment option.

Unlike standard orthodontic appliances manufactured to treat a wide variety of patients, Insignia customized braces are designed specifically for you. Combining the latest in 3D imaging and precision manufacturing within fractions of a millimeter, our doctors now can provide the ideal treatment to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

The benefits of Insignia are GREATER COMFORT, MORE EFFICIENT TREATMENT and a RADIANT SMILE that reflects your individuality.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

Our orthodontists are two of only a very select number of clinicians worldwide who are certified to use and apply this new technology.

How does Insignia work?

1) A lab will digitally construct a virtual model of your teeth using a specialized 3D scanner.

2) Computer software than integrates these precision images to calculate your optimal bite and smile.

3) A 3D computer image of your customized treatment plan is then constructed and thoroughly reviewed and approved by our orthodontists.

4) Specialized software will than determine how to cut each bracket at the appropriate angle for your teeth and shape archwires specifically to your anatomy. Those custom archwire and brackets are than fabricated using high precision manufacturing processes.

5) The resulting case-specific brackets and archwires provide maximum clinical efficiency.

6) Precision machined custom “jigs” based on your anatomy, allow our orthodontists to place brackets with the highest precision.

7) Once these custom brackets and wires are placed in your mouth, your teeth will follow a more direct path to their final result, providing:

  • More efficient treatment
  • Fewer office visits
  • Greater comfort

We are the first orthodontists in Marin to introduce this new treatment option to our patients where appropriate. If you are interested in learning more about this next generation treatment option please talk to one of our doctors who will gladly answer all of your questions or contact us here.

Insignia Custom Braces