Please note that routine visits to us during active treatment do not take the place of visits to your regular dentist. We actually recommend more frequent cleanings (every 3 months) whenever there are orthodontic appliances in the mouth, since these can make the teeth more difficult to clean at home.

Typically a longer appointment is needed at or near the beginning of orthodontic treatment for placement of appliances and/or attachments. This is followed by a series of shorter appointments for the majority of treatment and then again a longer appointment at the end for removal of the appliances.

The 2-3 longer appointments are usually done in the earlier part of the day to accommodate as many children and teens as possible after school for the regular appointments. We find that our adult patients often prefer to come in the earlier part of the day for their regular appointments as well.

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Appointment intervals are dictated by the type of treatment or stage of treatment and can range from 3-13 week intervals with 6-8 weeks being the most common. At every appointment, we will let you know when would be the best interval to return.

Keeping appointments at the recommended intervals is an important part of finishing on time, as is taking good care of teeth, appliances and following any instructions that are given.

To book or reschedule an appointment, call us at: 415-459-8006 or click here.

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