We were the first orthodontists in Marin to incorporate a soft tissue Diode Laser into our treatment plans to improve soft tissue treatment results. Sometimes there is too much gum tissue covering the tooth if it erupts into the wrong position, if someone breathes primarily through their mouth or if there is difficulty with maintaining brushing and flossing with braces on.

We can use our laser to allow placement of a bracket in the correct position, remove overgrown tissue for a healthier oral environment or to uncover the teeth so that they can be seen in the finished smile. Often, mild to moderate cases of gum overgrowth resolve on their own after the malocclusion is corrected and braces are removed.

In the case of a genetic predisposition to thick gum overgrowth, we recommend following up with a periodontist (gum specialist) for more comprehensive treatment.

before laser treatment
after laser treatment