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Welcome to Marin Ortho! We’re an expert team committed to providing the best possible care and service to our Mill Valley/Strawberry Tamalpais-Homestead Valley patients. We specialize in pediatric orthodontics which can offer an array of benefits to your child beyond teeth straightening! If your child is 7-years-old or older and suffers from sleep apnea or habits such as thumb sucking, they could benefit from orthodontic corrections.

Our treatment philosophy is simple: the most natural way of treatment is often the best option for our patients. We strongly believe that keeping all the permanent teeth is important to achieve a healthy and balanced smile and facial structure in the long run and, for this reason, our approach to orthodontics is to minimize the extraction of teeth whenever possible.

Our practice is unique in that our extensive experience with progressive treatment options can minimize the need for surgery, reduce exposure to allergens/radiation, and achieve excellent results in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, our doctors and staff have been on the frontline of developing state-of-the-art technologies that maximize comfort and safety. We take pride in the health and confidence our services provide for our patients. You can find out more information about our treatment options by visiting our website at www.marinortho.com

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Has Your Child Seen an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child be screened by an orthodontist at age 7. For children who have significant jaw discrepancies or severe crowding, early treatment is the only way to achieve an optimal final result long term and to minimize the need for jaw surgery.

At Gorton & Schmohl, we prefer to offer early treatment to those patients who have a functional need for it, unless the family has a specific aesthetic concern they feel cannot wait. For many years, the total percentage of patients in our office undergoing early intervention has hovered at a low 20 to 30% of our total patients. While many young patients think braces are fun, they are one more thing to brush around! If your child is 7-years-old or older and hasn’t seen an orthodontist yet, visit our website at www.marinortho.com to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Orthodontic Services for Children

Gorton & Schmohl offers a variety of treatment options for many common orthodontic ailments. We’ll consider every option, walk you through your child’s treatment plan and remain in communication throughout. We’re here for you!

  • Teeth Straightening — Along with traditional braces, we offer a variety of teeth straightening regimens to fit your child’s lifestyle! Other options include clear braces, Invisalign, WideSmiles, expanders, retainers and more! Our doctors first achieved “Top 1% Provider” recognition from Invisalign in 2006 and were directly involved in developing Damon System braces, which patients report feel less tight and more comfortable. Whatever correction your child needs, they will be in expert hands!
  • Pediatric Sleep Apnea — Does your child snore, gasp, or snort in their sleep? Do they suffer from neck hypertension, experience excessive sweating at night, or have trouble waking up in the morning? Your child may be suffering from sleep apnea and getting an inadequate amount of sleep can affect your child in many ways. At Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics, we are especially mindful of the importance of screening our pediatric patients for possible sources of labored breathing during sleep. There is an increasing awareness that breathing difficulty during sleep in children can be improved when addressed with early orthodontic treatment as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapies prescribed by your child’s physician.
  • Laser Gum Treatments — We were the first orthodontists in Marin County to incorporate a soft tissue Diode Laser into our treatment plans to improve soft tissue treatment results. Sometimes there is too much gum tissue covering a tooth if it erupts into the wrong position, if a patient breathes primarily through their mouth, or if there is difficulty with maintaining brushing and flossing with braces on. We can use the laser to allow placement of a bracket in the correct position, remove overgrown tissue for a healthier oral environment, or to uncover the teeth so that they can be seen in the finished smile!
  • Habit Appliances — Common childhood habits such as thumb sucking or those with anterior tongue thrust can cause long term damage and misalignment. We offer appliances, such as tongue trainers and thumb guards, that curb these habits in a non-punitive way. Our philosophy is to treat a reflex with a reflex. These applications can quickly resolve damaging habits which will prevent the need for more invasive correction later on.

State-of-the-Art Technology Means More Comfort for Our Patients

Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics has regularly been a pioneer in technological advancements made in the field, increasing the comfort and safety of our patients:

  • 3D Scanning & Printing — Say goodbye to pesky, messy impressions forever! Instead, we use a laser scanner to take a 3D digital scan of your child’s teeth and bite. We then transmit the digital file wirelessly to a 3D printer which prints a 3D model of their teeth which we use to make a custom retainer or aligner. No gooey mess associated with impression materials! This allows the patient to breathe and swallow naturally, avoid unpleasant taste, and involves no radiation exposure. The use of the scanner also results in faster delivery times for personalized Invisalign treatment plans.
  • Safer X-Rays — These days radiation exposure from orthodontic and dental x-rays is very low, especially with the change to digital radiography from analog radiography. However, we are still very careful and judicious in our use of x-rays. At Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics, we take a low-dose digital 3-dimensional x-ray called a CBCT (which stands for cone-beam computed tomography). This enables us to completely visualize and evaluate the erupted and unerupted teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and airways of each patient and plan their orthodontic treatment appropriately. We use a leaded thyroid shield designed to prevent radiation exposure to the thyroid gland and prevent transmission of radiation to the reproductive organs.We are concerned about radiation safety for every patient and staff member, which is why we use only the latest methods and technology!
  • Accelerated Tooth Movement Technology — Reduce time in braces with AcceleDent, Propel, or OrthoPulse! These state-of-the-art techniques encourage tooth growth and alignment through a variety of methods. Some can be done from the comfort of your home over a period of time, such as with AcceleDent, while others can be performed in our offices, such as Propel. Any of these treatments can fast track your child’s teeth alignment meaning less time spent in braces!

They’ll Never Dread an Appointment

Teeth straightening and related procedures are often associated with discomfort and while some of this is unavoidable, our friendly staff are the best at what they do and will ensure your and your child’s comfort every step of the way. From your complimentary consultation to your final appointment and beyond, we’re here for you and any questions you may have!

We aim to create a warm, informal atmosphere where our patients can relax and trust they’re in good hands. We welcome parents, siblings, and friends to join the patient in the treatment area at any time during appointments. Enjoy the fresh air by the living wall in the treatment area, have a seat in reception, or relax in our outdoor courtyard.

Beautiful Smiles for the Right Price

Every child deserves the confidence that comes with being proud of their smile. We never want the cost of treatment to prevent any patient from pursuing the best course of action for them.

For this reason, Gordon & Schmohl Orthodontics has partnered with OrthoFi to make sure that you can comfortably pursue whichever orthodontic treatment plan is best for you, even offering the option of extending payments beyond the estimated treatment time. Our team will work with you to ensure affordability so your child can begin treatment right away, which will save time and money in the long run by avoiding costly surgeries.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!

Call or text us today at (415) 459-8806, send us an email at [email protected], or visit our website at www.marinortho.com to schedule your complimentary new patient consultation!

After your visit, we’ll follow up with a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan designed specifically for your child to get them on their way to a “WOW Smile” in no time!

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