OrthoPulse is an innovative concept that was designed to quicken treatment time by facilitating tooth movement. Many patients who have used the OrthoPulse have spent less time in braces and clear aligners.

Scientific Discovery

OrthoPulse - Marin OrthoResearch discovered that natural low intensity (nIR) light can be used to help the body in many ways:

  • Cell re-generation
  • Reduction in pain
  • Healing
  • Reducing inflammation

It combines the power of cell metabolism and chemical energy that is derived from nIR light. This helps bone tissue and tooth roots adjust quicker to movement during orthodontic treatments.

A Technological Marvel

ortho pulseThe OrthoPulse has a comfortable silicone mouthpiece with attached smart technology. This includes:

  • Self timing treatments
  • LED Array
  • Wireless re-charging
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 for tracking and syncing
  • Light Status indicator

The OrthoPulse has been cleared by the FDA and is safe to use.


The OrthoPulse concept is based around smart science and has been clinically tested. The basic principle of using energy from the sun has been around for many years within the medical industry. OrthoPulse has taken this information and turned it into a useful device that can help millions of people with their orthodontic care.

Ease of Use

Many people contributed to the design and research of the OrthoPulse. One of their main objectives was to make it easy to use. They knew it had to be comfortable to wear and that is why they used a soft medical grade silicone mouthpiece that utilized a one-size fits all format. It also needed to fit in with the patient’s lifestyle. The OrthoPulse can be worn while watching television, searching the web, or reading. Making it part of a daily routine can lead to a faster finish. It only takes one 10-minute self-treatment once a day to see the difference.

Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics is proud to carry the OrthoPulse as part of their orthodontic care. They know how important it is for patients to get the smile they want as quickly as possible.

The doctors and staff are ready to answer any questions about the services they provide. They can create a plan that is specifically centered around the individual and help each person attain the smile they have always wanted.

A beautiful smile changes the way a person sees themselves and how others perceive them.

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