Propel Orthodontics has developed an innovative device and technique which dramatically accelerates the rate at which teeth are moved in orthodontic treatment. The device, which resembles a thick pen, comes sterile and ready to use and is also disposable afterward. It is constructed using proper surgical steel and is able to be controlled and manipulated with both precision and ease.

The procedure associated with this device is a simple one that can usually be performed by the doctor in five minutes. It is based on a university research backed process called alveocentesis, which stimulates faster bone remodeling.

Using the device, tiny holes (microperforations) are made in the target area, which decreases the bone density and allows the teeth to move faster. The size and depth of the perforations in the areas are often compared to an ear piercing. Because of this, the predicted length of orthodontic treatment is reduced by half. Once orthodontics is complete, normal bone density returns. Clinical trials have shown that there are no permanent side effects to the teeth or gums.

Drs Gorton and Schmohl were the first Marin County Orthodontists to adopt the PROPEL procedure in 2012.

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