Should My Teenager Bring Their Retainer to Camp?

As we get further into summer, many patients have questions about traveling with their retainer. The most important thing is to always bring your retainer with you. 

A retainer ensures that your teeth stay in the position that your orthodontist left them. As time goes on, your teeth will try to move back into their original pre-treatment position. The longer you don’t wear the retainer, the more your teeth will move. It can take as little as two weeks without wearing your retainer for your teeth to shift enough to the point where they will no longer fit!

Life happens and a retainer can break or get lost. This is why we now provide patients with two sets of retainers (two upper arch & two lower arch). If anything happens to one retainer you can easily switch to your back up. If both sets of retainers get lost/destroyed ect. patients are always welcome to come back and get a new replacement retainer. A replacement retainer costs $410 per arch ($820 for a SET of upper and lower)

Should My Teenager Bring Their Retainer to Camp? 1