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How to Rock Braces (Like Top Celebrities)

Oh, the stresses of fame. You need to look your best all the time. What’s more important to being camera-ready than having a great smile? Beautiful, straight, white smiles aren’t something we’re all born with, and that’s true even for Hollywood celebrities. When celebrities are being photographed with crooked or crowded teeth, their stylists send them to the orthodontist. Just like with anyone else, orthodontic treatment is different for all of them. Some have worn the clear plastic aligners from Invisalign, others have braces attached to the backs of their teeth, and others have had traditional metal braces for all the world to see. Chances are, whatever braces treatment you or someone in your family has had, so has a celebrity out there.

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How Can Early Treatment Save (Time, Money, and Effort?)

Early treatment for any dental issue can save you valuable time, money and effort. In fact, an ounce of prevention is worth an entire mouth of cure when it comes to dental disease. Many dental issues can be simple to fix if caught and treated early, while they can grow to be much more expensive if you wait to get treatment.

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Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant? (SUPER FACTS)

Wearing Braces and Pregnancy: Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant? – Age does not matter; an image is everything, or so goes a cliché. It can never be too late to have a perfect smile or to go for improved dental health. However, many women of child-bearing age often wonder whether it is ok for them to wear braces while they are pregnant.

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Dentist and Orthodontist (THE DIFFERENCE)

The difference between a dentist and orthodontist. Like medicine, dentistry has a number of sub-specialties. Among these are periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. Each requires additional training beyond that given in dental school. Here’s the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist.

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Do I Need Braces (MEGA QUIZ)

If you’re wondering if you need braces, know that you’re not alone. It’s a question many ask for themselves and their children. While there are clear and obvious cases where braces are an absolute necessity, most people have more subtle, simple dental issues that lead them to wonder if an orthodontist visit is the best move.

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What is a Braces Starter Pack? (ANSWERS HERE)

A braces starter pack. Braces are one of the most common types of orthodontic care that adults and children receive, and there is no denying the excitement that you feel on the first day that you begin your treatment plan. While you can’t wait until the day when you see your dazzling smile gleaming in the mirror, you do have a little work to do to get to the point that your teeth look amazing when the braces come off.

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What Happens (After Removal of Braces?)

What Happens Immediately After Removal of Braces? Having braces removed is a big event for your child. All of the pain and restrictions will finally pay off when she sees the results she’s been waiting for. While your child is likely dreaming of the big reveal or eating his favorite foods again, you probably have questions about what happens next.

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How to Deal With Orthodontic Emergencies (FACTS)

UPDATED 29-10-18

Orthodontic Emergencies. Orthodontics is a great way to fix teeth and jaw misalignments, but every now and then, the complicated equipment can cause a problem. Of course, the best thing to do in any orthodontic emergency is to contact your orthodontist office right away, but sometimes you might have an issue while the office is closed or you are traveling. Fortunately, there are many simple fixes for orthodontics problems that can either temporarily or permanently end the emergency. If you are faced with one of these issues, it may be possible to deal with it at home.

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5 Reasons Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Health

How Can Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health? Widely spaced teeth are a concern not merely for the vain or those overly concerned about their appearance. There are a number of serious concerns associated with widely spaced teeth, including Gingivitis, mouth sores, and tooth decay. In general, widely spaced teeth lead to the extra build up of bacteria including tartar and plaque. The impact of this can be severely life-damaging and, at the very least, highly inconvenient.

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Is It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?



Is It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?

If you’re about to birth a new baby in a couple of months, then you shouldn’t ignore the condition of your teeth and gums as you’re carrying your child. When you’re pregnant, your hormone levels will change drastically, which could lead to bad breath, excess saliva, and loosened teeth. But what many women don’t know is that you can continue or start orthodontic treatment while you are with child. Some soon-to-be mothers might worry about medical images being taken of their face and mouth while they’re pregnant. But orthodontic practices have protective shields that can get placed over a pregnant woman’s stomach so that she and her baby don’t get exposed to radiation.


Should You Always Let Your Orthodontist Know That You’re Pregnant?

Before your orthodontist can plan your treatment, they will need to know if you are pregnant or are planning to be shortly. For example, when a pregnant woman gains a lot of weight, the size of her face and mouth will change. When this shift occurs, an orthodontic dental hygienist can make a brand new mold of your mouth and teeth. If you’re pregnant and wearing braces, you might have to visit your orthodontist more often to get the wires on your braces adjusted. This task will need to happen because your body weight will fluctuate during this time.

Should You Talk To Your Obstetrician About Your Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, discuss this plan with your obstetrician first. Even if you didn’t have any problem with your teeth or gums before your pregnancy, some soon-to-be mothers have issues with inflammation in their mouth. This inflammation can cause gingivitis or your teeth to change positions rapidly. If you wore braces or aligners before you were pregnant, you wouldn’t need to get them removed in the event of pregnancy. If you started to wear orthodontic devices, you should continue to do so throughout your pregnancy. Then you can stop your teeth from returning to the incorrect position in your mouth.

How Can You Decrease Your Time In Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re concerned about the time that it will take to visit your orthodontist, there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier on you and your family. Every day, new orthodontic devices come on the market that reduces overall treatment time. Many orthodontic centers also use software to make orthodontia. This type of technology helps you get straight teeth faster. Your orthodontic office’s staff can work with you so that you get seen at the same time as your children. You can also plan your visits to your obstetrician and orthodontist on the same day.

How Can Orthodontic Treatment Improve Your Dental Health?

Wearing braces can not only improve the health of your smile. Did you know that it can also make it easier for you to eat healthily? For example, if you have always had issues with chewing, orthodontic treatment can make it a lot easier for you to consume food with a lot of nutrients. If you want to breastfeed your baby, wearing braces during your pregnancy can cause you to develop better eating habits. When you eat foods high in protein, as well as fruits and vegetables, you can make more breast milk for your infant.

What About Medications and Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re worried about taking medications as you’re undergoing orthodontic treatments, know that you’ll never have to undergo any surgery or anesthesia to get braces. However, you could experience some discomfort in your gums from the wires. Your orthodontist can recommend some soothing gels that won’t cause any danger to you or the baby. The majority of pregnant women will need to use Invisalign aligners as they only have minor dental issues. These aligners won’t cause you any pain, and you can quickly take care of them.

Should You Start Orthodontic Treatment Before The Baby Is Born?

Before you think you’re too busy to visit the orthodontist now, imagine how busy you’ll be when you’re taking care of a toddler. If you start your orthodontic treatment while you’re pregnant, your orthodontist can probably remove your braces before your child becomes a toddler. If you want to put several pregnancies close together, don’t hesitate to get orthodontic treatment as your malocclusions could get worse over time.

How Do Your Handle Orthodontic Treatment and Emergencies While Pregnant?

If you have gum disease which is causing your teeth to loosen, visit your orthodontist right away. Your orthodontist can stabilize the affected teeth. Your orthodontist can work with a periodontist (a dentist who works exclusively with gums) to remove any infections that can cause you to lose teeth from gingivitis.

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Is It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?

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