Starting orthodontics too early can cause treatment to be prolonged unnecessarily and starting too late can make treatment more challenging or even affect the final result, so optimizing the start time of treatment is very important (if it is determined that treatment is needed).

At the initial consultation appointment, Drs. Jasmine Gorton and Bill Schmohl carefully assess everything visible inside the mouth as well as the patient’s input prior to deciding when to recommend moving ahead with pre-treatment orthodontic records such as X-rays.   For your convenience, any records that are needed (including xrays) are done in our office .

Which X-Rays are Needed

Since 2005, we have recommended Digital 3D X-rays for all of our patients prior to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. These modern X-rays offer far more diagnostic information at a fraction of the exposure level of the traditional series of 2D orthodontic X-rays.

Our doctors carefully review these X-rays to evaluate a patient’s growth pattern, airway, jaw joint, bone, tooth eruption direction, etc.  In our office, we have a CBCT Digital 3D X-ray machine as well as the ability to take a 2D “panoramic” X-ray if we just need a quick screening view.

Technological developments in the computer processing of X-rays now enables us to take both 3D and 2D xrays without a difference in the dose.

If anything seems to deviate from the expected in the X-rays, MarinOrtho will cover the cost for the X-ray to be sent to a qualified Oral & Maxillofacial radiologist in the United States for a comprehensive reading and written report.

Study Models

We no longer need to take impressions or molds as part of the initial records, since the 3D X-rays generate a model that provides even more information than traditional stone or digital models. These interactive CBCT digital models also include root structure and bone levels in 3D. Having straight teeth is nice, but it is important to also have healthy bone levels and well-positioned roots within a balanced facial structure.

Since 2010, we also offer 3D laser light scans (no X-ray exposure) as a more accurate technique than impression molds for recording tooth position when a physical model needs to be generated for making an appliance such as Invisalign, Expanders or Retainers. We have a scanner in our office for your convenience.

Marin Orthodontics - CBCT machine

Diagnostic Records