How Is [Invisalign] Different from Traditional Braces?


How Is Invisalign Different from Traditional Braces?

Invisalign is a dental correction method that realigns teeth without the need for metal fixtures, brackets, or braces. The Invisalign system employs custom designed, transparent, and removable alignment fixtures. Traditional braces can be endearing, especially on children and teens. Most adults, however, don’t like the aesthetic of clunky metal fixtures attached to their mouths. Invisalign conversely is barely detectable and complements the smile while improving it. Invisalign offers additional benefits, which make this correction procedure a great option according to orthodontists.

Better Looking Teeth and Faster Results

Invisalign replaces metal braces, retainers, and headgear, while also achieving results in a hurry. Invisalign can straighten teeth effectively up to 50% more quickly than braces. The Invisalign system works in succeeding rotations, meaning that each alignment fixture replaces the previous one on a week-to-week basis. Braces conversely require uncomfortable tightening and adjustment procedures. This means more trips to the orthodontist, more deductibles paid, and more time-spent fixing what Invisalign can accomplish through its built-in adjustment rotations. Using three-dimensional imaging technology, Invisalign fixtures are tailored specifically to your teeth, jaw alignment, and mouth size, so that corrective adjustments aren’t necessary. Invisalign is designed to fit perfectly and keeping fitting perfectly throughout the adjustment procedure.

With each successive week, the aligners adjust the teeth both horizontally and vertically. Invisalign can even rotate teeth if needed. This applies the correct pressure to the areas that require modification. As time progresses, the teeth shift into perfect place without the need for additional tinkering. Invisalign uses thin but layered materials, which are firm and strong, but not clunky or heavy, like metal braces.

Invisalign Continues to Evolve Orthodontics

Braces are braces. Orthodontists have become better over time, and the effects of the metal fixtures have therefore improved, but the design, function, and materials used in braces have generally remained the same over the years. Invisalign however, continuously improves on its design and application through ongoing developments in technology and available materials, which include the following:

  • SmartTrack. SmartTrack material helps increase the dexterity of movement between teeth with constant pressure, improved elasticity, and increased precision. This material also offers improved comfort.
  • Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This application creates visual models, which are displayed chairside so that orthodontists can walk through the custom features of Invisalign procedures with patients. Thanks to this application, which relies on scanning technology, patients can see the end-results first hand instead of just imagining them.
  • ClinCheck Software. This software is designed to aid in communication and reduce the need for procedural corrections and tweaks in the planning process. With this software in place, orthodontists can more easily design Invisalign fittings with the aid of three-dimensional animation and online tools.

Fully Customizable Orthodontic Solutions

Your Invisalign plan can be mapped out while consulting with an orthodontist that will carefully review your dental scenario and examine your needs. Your teeth will then be digitally scanned or replicated using physical impression systems. A plan will then be established for treatment, which predicts and plots your timeline to a new smile. After the aligners are produced, the correction treatment generally requires a full-day application to achieve optimal results. Invisalign can be removed for brief periods, however, such as while eating or brushing teeth.

Beyond that point, you will meet with your orthodontist bi-monthly to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly. Treatment plans range between 9-15 months to complete, and most processes involve upwards of 18 different alignment fittings. Invisalign procedures are generally less painful than braces, more visually appealing, and less time-consuming. After experiencing the advantages that Invisalign provides, your family will likely never want metal braces again.

The Right Orthodontist Makes a Difference

Invisalign is an excellent treatment option, and managing the procedures correctly and professionally can positively impact your experience with the Invisalign fixtures and accompanying technology and features. However, orthodontists, like teeth, are not all alike. A qualified, patient and friendly orthodontist’s office will not only apply the procedure using best practices but also keep you and your family members informed and comfortable throughout the process.

Invisalign is highly advanced, and the breadth of detail may be overwhelming for some. Your orthodontist should carefully and clearly explain the process to you in ways that you can understand. Dental jargon may sound good during the consultation, but once chairside, kids and parents want to fully understand what’s going on, and how to manage what comes next. Maintaining your teeth through the proper use of Invisalign throughout the procedure is just as important as deciding to fix them in the first place. Your orthodontist should keep your best interests in mind, and ensure that the procedure doesn’t call for additional modifications once your timeframe has been completed.

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