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Corona Update and Alternatives

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UPDATE: 30 March:

This update supersedes all other updates

In response to the rapidly evolving recommendations regarding COVID-19, the California Dental Association has recommended that dental offices remain closed  until further notice.   We will be reaching out to all our patients to schedule / reschedule as soon as we know when we are able to reopen. For questions or concerns, call or text the office at (415) 459-8006 (please be patient with our reduced staff). Take care and stay well!


Tuesday 17 March:

From Tuesday March 17 at 12 am through Tuesday April 7 at 11:59 pm, there is a government issued “Shelter in Place” order for Marin County and our office complex will be locked.


Please reach out to reschedule if you had an appointment during that time period. For now, we are leaving in place appointments from April 8 onward.


Despite anticipating a temporary interuptions in our ability to receive packages, we aim to fulfill the majority of Invisalign patient appointments virtually by mailing aligners together with dental monitoring kits. The exception is for patients needing new attachments placed on teeth in the office.


We invite prospective patients to try our Virtual Consultation tool on our website at to be able to start their orthodontic evaluation from home.


Monday 16 March:
We ask that if you are sick, have a compromised immune system or are elderly that you stay home. For the time being, our office has chosen to remain open for the following reasons:


1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying COVID-19 manifests as a Mild illness in 80 percent of those afflicted and that most illnesses during this season will NOT be COVID-19 related, but instead be the “common cold” or influenza which continue to circulate in the community.


2) As health care professionals, we are already trained in and accustomed to implementing strict infection control procedures and universal precautions. We will continue to make your health a top priority.


NOTE:  We are also offering the following modifications:
  1. Instead of checking yourself in in our touch screen, you may check in verbally with our front desk team.
  2. Once you let us know you are here, you are welcome to wait in the outdoor courtyard downstairs or in your car if it is not yet time for your appointment to start. Our front desk team will text you when your chair is ready.
  3. For patients using Invisalign treatment, you have the option of receiving a Dental Monitoring kit we can send in the mail for our doctors to monitor your case remotely, eliminating the need for “check” appointments. Contact our office for details. 415-459-8006 ,
  4. Starting mid-March, we will offer new patients the option of starting with a virtual consultation online via our website
As always, the strongest defence against any virus is to keep your immune system strong with adequate sleep, healthy eating and exercise!


Drs. Jasmine Gorton, Bill Schmohl & Sona Bekmezian.


Corona Update and Alternatives
Dr. Jasmine Gorton - Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics

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