Teeth Removed for Braces in 2020 | AMAZING NEW FACT SHEET 1

Teeth Removed for Braces in 2020 | AMAZING NEW FACT SHEET

If you have ever had to have a tooth pulled for any reason, you already know why so many orthodontic patients are keen to avoid this experience in their treatment! In fact, this is one of the first questions many nervous new orthodontic patients have. “Will I have to have any teeth pulled?” The moment they ask this question, it is easy to see they are hoping to hear a resounding, “No!” In this article, let’s take a closer look at the alternatives to having teeth removed. Let’s get cracking.

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Curious of Smile Changing as you age? | 5 FACTS in 2020 2

Curious of Smile Changing as you age? | 5 FACTS in 2020

As you grow older, you may notice that your smile changing in a variety of ways. In addition to tooth decay, you might have gum disease, bad breath or alveolar bone loss. Your facial structure can also change as part of the natural progress of aging, leading to sagging jowls, wrinkles around the lips or hollow cheeks. In this post, we’ll show you what happens to your teeth over age and how to prevent bad oral health in your twilight years. Let’s get cracking

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Will teeth removed ruin my face? [MASSIVE FACTS]

Will having teeth removed ruin my face? Nobody wants to have to undergo a tooth extraction. But in some cases, an injury, structural issue, or recurring infection may make taking out a tooth necessary. However, if you or your child is facing down the possibility of a tooth extraction, you may be concerned about long-term damage. After all, many people have heard that having one or more teeth extracted can cause changes in your facial bone structure. And while this is a distinct possibility, the issue is a bit more complex than that.

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Are there alternatives to having teeth removed for braces?

Are There Alternatives to Having Teeth Removed for Braces?

When you’re thinking of getting braces or Invisalign to have your teeth straightened, it’s possible that your orthodontist will recommend to you that you have one or more teeth removed in order to accommodate the application of braces. While the extraction of a tooth is a procedure that’s typically used in order to save the tooth in question, this procedure can also be applied to orthodontic treatments in certain situations. Having a tooth removed is never something that a person looks forward to, which is why you may want to be aware of any alternatives that will allow you to avoid having your teeth removed.

Situations Where an Orthodontist May Remove Teeth for Braces

When you are attempting to have your teeth straightened with braces or an Invisalign treatment, it’s possible that your orthodontist will tell you that the only way for you to be able to have your teeth straightened with braces is by first having one or more of your teeth removed. The most common reason as to why this procedure is recommended by an orthodontist is because of overcrowding, wherein the teeth are too close to each other, resulting in you or your child’s teeth being protruded. By extracting a tooth, this provides your teeth with more room for them to erupt properly. If your lip position isn’t ideal, your orthodontist might also recommend that a tooth is extracted in order to improve the overall appearance of your lips.

Another common situation where a tooth removal may be recommended by your orthodontist is due to an imprecise jaw position that’s so severe that your bite is substantially off. The removal of your tooth in this instance is likely the best option to prepare you for braces. By far the most prevalent reason for the removal of a tooth when preparing for braces is in order to create the proper spacing for these braces, which allows the orthodontist to move the teeth to their proper positioning. The extraction of a tooth also provides the orthodontist with the ability to correct various flaws around the teeth that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish if all of the teeth were left in. While there are a variety of alternatives to having one or more teeth removed when preparing to obtain braces, a tooth extraction may be the preferred option for you.

If you have questions about the removal of your teeth and if any alternatives can be used in place of this method, the best source of information will be your orthodontist, as they will be able to identify all treatment options open to you as well as whether one would be more effective than another, which is important advice to listen to when the end goal is having your teeth straightened. It’s also important that you don’t avoid having your teeth straightened with braces or Invisalign due to the need for a tooth extraction or similar procedure, as the issues within your mouth may only worsen over time if left untreated.

The Usage of Dental Surgery As an Alternative

One of the primary reasons that you may wish to opt for a tooth removal when recommended by your orthodontist is that the main alternative that can be used in place of an extraction is that of dental surgery. There are a wide range of dental surgeries and procedures that can be used for the correction of the majority of issues that tend to call for a tooth removal. For instance, there are many times where a pronounced overbite can be more readily corrected with surgery than with any other treatment option, as this surgery involves either the sliding of the top row of teeth backwards or the moving of the jaw forward. If you’re wary of having a surgery done on your teeth, opting for a tooth extraction may be preferable to you.

If the reason for the tooth extraction is to make more room for the eruption of other teeth when preparing for braces, you may want to consider a dental surgery that’s known as tooth slimming, which is an extensive process that calls for the grinding of your teeth on both sides so that these teeth can be slimmer and will afford your other teeth more room to grow. This occurs naturally with everyone, but you may want to consider this type of procedure if your child needs braces and this procedure would allow for that. There are also instances when the orthodontist will recommend that a temporary anchoring device is placed over your teeth to help provide enough pressure to move your other teeth to their proper position. Although this option isn’t for everyone, it can be used in placement of a full tooth extraction.

There are also times when these surgeries could allow you to avoid braces altogether, while the removal of certain teeth in your mouth by your orthodontist typically only corrects the immediate problem wherein you will still require braces in order for your teeth to be properly straightened. In general, the best way to identify which of these options is best for you is to first speak with your orthodontist and make sure to ask any questions you have that would help to ease your worries.

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Will having [teeth removed] ruin my face? 3

Will having [teeth removed] ruin my face?

Will having [teeth removed] ruin my face? 4

Will having teeth removed ruin my face?

Orthodontic treatment sometimes involves multiple strategies that all work together to help improve your smile. While you might have gone to your first visit hoping to hear that you would just need braces, you might have received a surprise when the orthodontist suggested that you have one or more teeth removed. Naturally, the news that you need to have teeth removed may leave you worried about your appearance. After all, you want to have straighter teeth so that you feel better about your smile. As you explore your options, keep in mind that orthodontists only recommend this treatment if it has benefits for improving your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. You can also find many of the answers to your questions here so that you can make the right decisions regarding your orthodontic care.

When Is Extraction Required?

In most instances, an orthodontist’s goal is to do everything they can to save a tooth. However, there are times when this may not be possible. For example, teeth are often removed due to decay or a fracture that comprises the structural integrity. In orthodontics, teeth are sometimes removed because of problems with overcrowding. This often occurs when you have teeth along the sides that are pushing the front teeth forward so that they protrude. Removing one or more of the side teeth will sometimes allow the orthodontic appliances to be more effective at moving the protruding teeth away from the front of your mouth.

There are also times when baby teeth hang in far longer than they should. For the majority of people, all of the permanent adult teeth should have grown in by the late teens. However, you could have a primary tooth that never fell out, and it is now blocking one of your adult teeth. When this happens, removing the tooth is just doing what should have happened naturally. While this will change your appearance temporarily, your adult tooth can be moved in to take the baby tooth’s place.

Is a Tooth Removal Uncomfortable?

Any discomfort that you feel from a tooth extraction depends upon several factors such as the reason for the removal along with the location. Your personal pain sensitivity will also play a role in how you feel during and after the extraction. Let your orthodontist know if you are concerned about any pain from the tooth extraction. This way, they can use techniques such as topical numbing gels and local anesthetics to ease your pain. With any tooth extraction, you will also be given some instructions to follow to care for the site as it heals. Usually, this simply involves being careful what you eat and drink during the first few days. If a baby tooth is removed, you may not even notice any discomfort at all.

What Are the Benefits to Tooth Extraction?

When it comes to orthodontic care, it is important to weigh the benefits against the negative side effects of removing a tooth. For instance, removing a back molar will often have less of an impact upon your appearance compared to removing one in the front. Yet, the removal of any tooth causes significant changes to the jawbone as well as how the other teeth fit in the mouth. Aesthetic concerns, such as having a gap, are easily addressed by orthodontic treatment, and making sure that another tooth moves into the correct place can help preserve the jawbone.

Does This Change My Profile?

You can expect the removal of a tooth to have some minor effects on your profile. For some people, this is a positive thing since it could help improve how the profile appears if the tooth extraction helps give space for the front teeth to settle further back into the proper alignment. You should be aware that this procedure could also cause changes as you or your child grows. This is because your nose continues to grow throughout your life, and the teeth moving back may look different as you mature. This is why your orthodontist will talk to you about the potential long-term effects of removing a tooth.

You may also find that removing a tooth does not impact your appearance at all. For instance, removing a wisdom tooth is a common procedure that may be done to ensure that your new, straighter smile lasts as long as possible.

Are There Alternatives to an Extraction?

The field of orthodontics provides multiple solutions for correcting similar problems, which is always good news when you are pondering a difficult decision. Make sure that you understand all of your options to find the one that works best for you. For instance, palatial expanders can be used to create more space for your teeth by widening your smile rather than making it smaller. This is often the method of choice for those who are concerned about their appearance since it can also make your profile more aesthetically pleasing.

You can also choose to begin your orthodontic treatment without removing healthy teeth. Often, braces can be used to create more space in your mouth, and this option buys you more time to think about what you prefer. While you may still need to have a tooth removed later, seeing the reason why could give you more confidence.

At Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics, we understand how important it is to love how you look. Always reach out to us with your questions so that we can help you understand the long-term impact of all of your options for treatment.

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