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I Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist?

smileIt is normal for individuals to visit doctors for preventative measures or to keep tabs on their general health. However, most people only visit an orthodontic clinic once they develop a problem. Very few families have insurance covering visits to these specialists. Consequently, both children and adults keep developing issues necessitating the need for their services. Understanding the scope of their work is critical in sourcing their services without any dental problems. Orthodontists are experts in the growth and development of jaws. It means they handle dental issues before and after growth in young children.

There are several oral problems children face as their teeth develop. Numerous problems are experienced during the transition from the first set of teeth to the permanent teeth. The second set of teeth is stronger and larger. The jaw takes longer when trying to adjust to the new set of teeth.

Some of the problems experienced include:

• Overbite
• Cross bite
• Open bite
• Spaced teeth
• Protrusion
• Crowding
• Mid-lines misaligned

An under bite is a jaw-related issue that occurs when the lower jaw extends out. The lower front tooth ends up sitting in front of the upper front teeth. Overbites can be uncomfortable when the lower tooth bites into the hard palette. The problem is a result of the upper front teeth extending out over the lower teeth. Bite problems eventually interfere with chewing mechanisms of food. Just like any other teeth problems, they also affect the aesthetics of the face.

Roles of an orthodontist

• Straighten crooked teeth
• Fix overbite and under bite problems
• Recommend treatments for dental -jaw problems
• Fix braces and Invisalign for both children and adults.

According to the jaw and teeth experts, these problems can be corrected in young children before the teeth grow. The experts can identify a pending problem and recommend treatment or corrective measures. An orthodontist is also capable of fixing the issue after the growth of teeth. However, it is always easier before the growth. Such preventative measures will protect your child from social teasing. Girls especially become very conscious once they reach puberty. A perfect dental formula is a requirement in beauty pageants, which girls love to participate.

What do braces fix?

Braces are used to fix teeth problems such as protruding and overcrowding. They need adjusting after every few months since the teeth moves back in place, leaving them loose. Booking regular appointments with orthodontists should be a priority. Adjusting the braces may not be a problem, but it is necessary for the proper growth of the teeth. One of their services is to correct wrongly fixed aligners which may be at times loose or too tight.

Invisalign is also common for people who do not want conspicuous metal on their teeth. They are made of a clear material that stains with time or on the intake of certain foods. Unlike other teeth aligner methods, they are changed more frequently. Orthodontic clinics offer such services to ensure the aesthetic value is maintained.

Waiting too long

Most people take long too long before their teeth are corrected. Some seek dental services early, but it is never effective. Treating dental issues such as bites requires a dental history. Orthodontists prepare such history and customize treatments based on the records and needs. General treatments are useful only to some extent, despite similar problems. Variables such as jaw strength and sensitivity require specialized treatment.

Some dental problems occur in adults due to foods they consume and injuries. The first treatment for an injured jaw is focused on correcting the damage. Later on, the jaw requires therapy to retain full use. The therapy doesn’t treat the problem but works to strengthen the jaw. Orthodontics looks at the extent of the damage and recommends the therapy procedure to be used.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common problem in orthodontics. Most people are yet to understand clearly the responsibility that comes with aligners. The mouth stores a lot of bacteria which breaks down any food left in between the teeth. In the case of aligners, food left in between causes accumulation of plaque. Aligners require a particular cleaning process. It takes special tooth brushes to clean in between the brackets. Clear aligners, on the other hand, should always be removed before any meal. Proper dental hygiene can prevent such tooth decay. Children should be supervised during cleaning to ensure the cleaning is thorough.

It might be impossible to clean in between the teeth with a toothbrush. There are orthodontic floss threaders efficient for flossing with teeth aligners. Such floss is made of wax making it easy to slide in between teeth. Standard floss in most cases gets entangled between brackets and wires.

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