Everyday You Spend Without a Smile is a Lost Day

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People who have crooked teeth realize better than anyone how important a smile is. People who have nice teeth may not understand why someone they know won’t just smile in pictures and be happy. If you have “normal” teeth and know someone who has crooked teeth, maybe you’ve told them they really don’t look bad and they shouldn’t worry about it. But inevitably, it’s the person with the crooked teeth who has to see them in the mirror. And it’s the person with the misaligned teeth who has to worry about what everyone is thinking about them; having a few nice friends who tell them they look okay doesn’t turn the worrying off.

The Special Problem of Kids and Crooked Teeth

When children and teenagers aren’t happy with their smiles, it can be emotionally devastating. Those years are difficult enough as it is, and kids often can’t express their feelings well, especially to their parents. If your child has issues with their teeth such as crooked teeth, gap teeth, crowding or an overbite, seeking a solution now is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Many teens hate the idea of having to wear braces, but today they are many options for correcting misaligned teeth, chips and even missing teeth. One of the most exciting alternatives to braces is Invisalign Teen, clear and practically invisible aligners that straighten the teeth, sometimes in less time than traditional braces.

It’s Never Too Late for Adults to Improve Their Smiles

Invisalign is great for adults too, since it can give adults the straight teeth that they’ve always wanted without the stigma of wearing braces.

Some other options available for a variety of dental issues include:

• Implants – Permanent artificial teeth that replace missing teeth.

• Crowns – Repair and rebuild damaged and decayed teeth, making them strong, healthy and attractive.

• Clear braces – When Invisalign is not able to correct serious bite issues, clear braces like Damon Clear may be the answer.

If you, your child or your teen has issues with the health of their teeth or the way their smile looks, consulting an orthodontic specialist could be the first step in making a life-changing improvement. Investing in your smile is important for your health and your emotional well-being.

Contact your local orthodontist in Marin County. Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics invite you to schedule a consultation today. Don’t go another day longer than you have to without a great smile.

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