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Fluoridated Water and Your Child’s Teeth (6 FACTS)

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When it comes to the health and safety of your child, many parents wonder if it is safe for their kids to be consuming fluoridated water. And what type of toothpaste can and should be used so that their smile can be bright and beautiful. If you’re on town or city water, chances are pretty good that you are going to have fluoridated water. Fluoride is added to the water supply in an attempt to help the oral health of residents.


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Fluoride gets a bad rap nowadays with so many people thinking that it is unhealthy to consume. You will find that decades of research and lots of scientific studies show that the water supply simply helps people to fight cavities and allows kids to have healthier teeth.


What Does Fluoridated Water Do?

With fluoride, you are using something that is going to help protect the teeth, add to their strength and prevent cavities. Unfortunately, a lot of people who feel that fluoride is bad aren’t using this ingredient. They are finding that their teeth are in bad shape because of it. In many cases, brushing with a toothbrush alone isn’t enough to prevent cavities.

In order to prevent cavities, it is important that you and your family use products that have fluoride or you consume water that contains it. By doing this, you are going to notice an enormous difference in the way that your teeth look and feel. It is especially important that kids use or consume fluoride simply because they may not be as good at brushing their teeth as an adult would be.


Is it Safe to Drink?

Fluoridated water has been tested and reviewed for decades. Scientists still come to the conclusion that it is entirely safe to consume. However, it is important that you talk to your town or city to find out if the water in the supply has fluoride. If it does not, you are definitely going to want to use products that contain this ingredient. This ensures that your teeth look and feel their best.

However, there is such a thing known as fluorosis which occurs when children consume too much fluoride. This can appear as white spots on the enamel. While this does not necessarily have an ill effect on the teeth, many kids will find that they just do not like the way that their teeth look. If this is a problem for your children, be sure to consider other types of beverages they can consume. So that fluorosis is no longer an issue and that it is prevented.


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Should My Child Still Be Using a Fluoride Toothpaste?

When you know your dental health, you know how vital it is that you use a fluoridated toothpaste product. This type of product is going to help to protect you and your family’s smiles. So that you can all feel better about the way that you look. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that just because they are drinking water that contains fluoride, they do not have to use a toothpaste that has this ingredient in it. However, by using both, you’re going to find that your teeth are fully protected. It is important that you look for products that say they protect against cavities and dental decay. As these will most likely contain fluoride for you and your loved ones’ benefit.


How to Brush a Kid’s Teeth

It can sometimes be difficult to brush your child’s teeth, especially if they are having orthodontic work done. In order to get them on a good regimen, it is a good idea to get them started with tooth brushing as soon as their teeth erupt as an infant. From there, you will be able to effortlessly get them to brush their teeth. Because they have become so used to it. When they are an infant and toddler, it is important that you use a small size of paste on the toothbrush so that they do not use too much.


Talking to a Professional

If you are confused as to what fluorosis is and how much fluoride to use, especially if it is in your drinking supply, it is a good idea to talk to a dental professional. They will be the ones to help you out and get your teeth looking their best. They can also help you to know your dental health in order to get your teeth in the best shape they can be. There are lots of things to know when it comes to fluoride and different products available on the market. So it is a good idea to educate yourself before using anything.


Why Fluoride is So Important

The reason fluoride is important. It is due to the fact that it can help to prevent the teeth from decaying. You will find that by using fluoride either in the water supply or in your dental products, you are able to have the smile that you want and fewer dental cavities. Because of the amount of ingredient you have used. If you need more information about fluoride, be sure to ask a professional. They will be able to educate you about it and what you need to know before making use of it.



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Fluoridated Water and Your Child’s Teeth (6 FACTS)


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