Tooth brushing Mistake No.6: “Starting in the Same Place Each Time”


Ask any American orthodontist, and they will speculate that most people begin brushing their teeth in the same spot every time. If this brushing technique sounds familiar to you, then you could be doing your teeth a disservice. Starting in the same place each time prevents your teeth from getting the full range of attention that they need.

Why You Should Switch Up Your Brushing Routine

When you always start brushing in the same spot, you always end in the same spot. It is normal for people to get bored with brushing before they have finished cleaning every surface. Boredom usually leads to lazily brushing those last few teeth. This means that your typical end point always receives the same amount of attention — less than what the rest of your mouth gets.

Beginning to brush in a different place corrects this problem, even if you do get careless by the end of a brushing session. Over time, the superior focus that you begin with offsets any attempts on other areas of your mouth. Although rotating your starting point is beneficial, you should also try to remain aware of where you’ve brushed and where you want to brush next. Brushing this way ensures a better clean, which is especially important if you have braces or wear invisalign.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.6: “Starting in the Same Place Each Time”