How to Care for Braces During [Pregnancy]


How to Care for Braces During Pregnancy

Seeing the positive result on a pregnancy test is an exciting, emotional, and overwhelming time in any woman’s life. Whether you were hoping this would happen or you are shocked at the result, you can’t help but feel the excitement mixed with some nerves. If you’ve been pregnant before, you know about the many different ways pregnancy affects your body and changes your life. If this is your first pregnancy, you might have a lot to learn about what to expect.

Your doctor provides you with a list of foods you can no longer eat while expecting, he or she might recommend less strenuous exercise, certain medications become off-limits, and everything in your life changes just a bit. If you have braces, it changes even more. Your oral health is more important when you’re pregnant than ever. If you develop gum disease, your baby could be born with a low birth weight, you could go into premature labor, and you could face other issues with your pregnancy and the health of your child.

It’s important you see your dentist when you become pregnant to check your oral health, and it’s even more important you call your orthodontist right away if you have braces. It’s perfectly safe to wear braces and to carry a child at the same time, but some of the care and some of the routine procedures you go through when you wear braces might change a bit with a baby on board. Don’t confuse calling your dentist with calling your orthodontist. You should call both, but it’s your orthodontist who needs to see you to discuss the importance of caring for your braces while you’re also carrying a baby.

Call Your Orthodontist

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant and ready to tell, call your orthodontist and let the office know you’re pregnant. They need to note this in your chart so they know how to handle your appointment when you come in. You might not get x-rays while pregnant, and you definitely won’t end up with certain medications or even anesthesia if work is necessary. Your orthodontist needs to know you have a baby on board, and it doesn’t hurt to remind him or her of this fact when you are in the office, too.

Spend More Time Caring for Your Teeth and Braces

Now that you have a baby on the way, your oral health is that much more important. Now is a great time to focus on really cleaning your teeth well while pregnant. Spend the entire two minutes brushing each section of your mouth twice a day. Take extra time to clean your braces, and be sure you are following the list of foods you can and cannot eat both while expecting and while wearing braces. If you have some health concerns due to your pregnancy that might also affect your braces, ask your orthodontist how to handle the situation.

Understand How Pregnancy Can Affect Braces

Your pregnancy can’t directly affect your braces itself, but it can affect your hormones. Your hormones can affect your teeth and gums, and that can affect your braces. This is a time in your life when your hormones go up, down, and around regularly. There is no telling what you might experience and when you might experience it. All you know is that at some point you might suffer from sensitive teeth and/or gums, you might find it difficult to eat certain foods because they hurt or irritate your mouth, and you might notice your braces aren’t as comfortable as they were.

While these are all normal changes during pregnancy, you are always encouraged to contact your orthodontist if you feel something is wrong. He or she might check you out and tell you everything is just fine, but there’s always a chance something isn’t right with your braces and they can fix the problem and send you home feeling a lot better.

Maintain All Dental Appointments

If you did it prior to getting pregnant, keep doing it now that you are pregnant. This means brushing, flossing, and keeping appointments with all your oral healthcare providers. If you’re scheduled for a cleaning with the dentist, go to it and let them know you’re pregnant. Your cleaning isn’t going to affect your braces or your pregnancy, but do let your dental professional know you are expecting.

If you have an appointment to let your orthodontist tighten your braces, go to the appointment. Remind them you are pregnant even if you already called because you never know if a note was missed or lost before the orthodontist had a chance to read it. Your orthodontist is here to help you navigate both braces and your pregnancy, and all you need to do is ask how that’s possible.

If you’re expecting a baby, go ahead and take your time to enjoy the excitement and the moment. There aren’t many times in your life you’ll get to feel this way as pregnancy isn’t something you experience often. However, do call your orthodontist to schedule your next appointment and to share the good news.

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