What Your Child Should Expect Before and After Braces



What Your Child Should Expect Before and After Braces

When a child first learns that they will need braces, it is natural for them to have some concerns and worries. However, most of this type of fear is usually just uncertainty about the unknown. Once your child knows what to expect during the entire orthodontic process, they will not need to feel upset or nervous. Here are the things a child should know about what to expect before, during, and after braces.


Is The Application Process Painful?

It sounds intimidating to get metal objects attached to your teeth, but the process of putting orthodontic equipment on is actually not uncomfortable. After cleaning your teeth, metal brackets will be bonded to the surface of each tooth. The special orthodontic glue used to do this may taste a little odd, but it is completely harmless. Then an archwire, which is what will actually be putting pressure on the teeth and moving them into proper alignment, is attached to the brackets. Once this is done, the installation process is finished, and the entire experience just takes one to two hours.

Does It Take Time to Get Used to Them?

Most children do not experience any extreme pain with orthodontic procedures but keep in mind that you may have to deal with some discomfort or awkwardness at first. As teeth shift, you might feel a dull ache, so it is advisable to use oral numbing gels and eat soft foods after getting orthodontic work done at first. Your mouth may also be slightly irritated by the metal, so you might need to cover the metal with orthodontic wax to avoid any sores. It will also seem a little tricky to eat certain foods and brush and floss your teeth at first. However, after just a few weeks with orthodontics, it will seem completely normal to you.

Will You See Results Immediately?

Because it can be a little uncomfortable, some children are disappointed when their teeth do not immediately straighten. It is important to remember that getting your teeth aligned takes time. Depending on the type of orthodontics you are wearing, it can take quite a while to actually notice a difference. People who are wearing Invisalign will probably notice their teeth moving in just a month or two. For those with traditional equipment, it will take a little longer for the changes to be visible below all the metal.

Will There Be a Lot of Orthodontist Appointments?

Some children are surprised to learn that they will actually have to visit the orthodontic office several times, instead of just getting equipment put on and removed. The tooth straightening process will require regular check ups where wires are tightened and adjusted to pull teeth into place. Though the time varies by patient, you should expect to visit your orthodontist every month or so. Patients with Invisalign instead of traditional methods will also need regular appointments so they can get new aligner trays and ensure that everything is proceeding according to the treatment plan.

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Is Getting Them Removed Easy?

After having orthodontic equipment for so long, it is understandable to be worried about the removal process. However, brackets and archwires are designed to be removed after a certain period of time, so it is not really difficult or unpleasant. After the archwire is taken out, the brackets will be popped off of each tooth. You might feel a little bit of pressure during this, but no pain. Once the brackets are removed, any remaining glue on your teeth will be scraped off. If you did not maintain proper oral hygiene while the brackets were in place, you may notice slightly lighter spots on your teeth where they were.

Do You Need to Wear a Retainer Afterwards?

Keep in mind that the orthodontic process is not over as soon as orthodontic equipment is removed. In order to avoid having your teeth shift back into their old alignment, you will need to wear a retainer continuously for the next few months. A retainer is normally a plastic plate that sits on the roof of the mouth and a metal arch that fits over your teeth, and it helps teeth to stay in their new position. Even after you can cut back on retainer wear, it will still be necessary to wear it at night for quite a while. Follow your orthodontist’s instructions so you can maintain your new tooth alignment.

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What Your Child Should Expect Before and After Braces