Orthodontic Fact #5 Improve your dental health in style. Many teens today fashion their dental braces with colored bands and brackets. Braces are now worn as a fashion statement


Dental braces can put the finishing touch on a person’s sense of style. For many teens today, getting fitted with wires and brackets provides the chance to make a fashion statement by maximizing their distinctive dental look. Although some prefer to get Invisalign treatment, which is clear and almost impossible for observers to see, other teens choose the flashiest colors available to showcase their orthodontic procedures.

School colors.

Students who are actively involved with school activities often choose brackets and wires in their school colors. They are thrilled to show school spirit on a daily basis in classes and at sports events. If they tire of them, they can choose other colors at their next orthodontic adjustment, so they never have to be bored.

Favorite shades.

Some teens select favorite personal colors or experiment with shades that go with many of their outfits. They enjoy the opportunity to coordinate a fashionable ensemble by including their braces as part of the overall image in colors they prefer and feel comfortable with. An orthodontist can display several to choose from.

Popular hues.

With numerous popular colors available and more new shades coming out all the time, teenagers can experiment with neon hues, sparkly designs, and even gold-plated wires. Whatever is hot at the moment will attract a certain number of teens. One thing is for sure – orthodontia will never be boring again!

If you have teeth that are tipped or missing, or if you are experiencing jaw pain or dental malformation, you may want to consult an orthodontist for an evaluation. While Invisalign may be your preference to keep treatment confidential, you can also choose from a full array of wire colors. Contact Gorton & Schmohl for more information about how your smile can be transformed so that you can look better than ever while attracting admiration for your beautiful smile.