Nothing Shakes the Smiling Heart


A famous writer believed that people shouldn’t cry when something is over but that they should smile because it happened. This is excellent advice, but if you have crooked teeth, then you might avoid smiling. Fortunately, you can visit an orthodontist to have your smile improved with braces or Invisalign aligners. Orthodontic treatment is a good choice for any adult, teenager or child who has misaligned teeth. In many cases, you only need to wear orthodontic devices for one year to see a noticeable improvement in your smile. However, the only way to learn about the type of treatment that you require is by having an examination.

Improve Your Health With Orthodontic Treatment

An examination at an orthodontic office is easy because an orthodontist will have top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment. After the examination is over, you can look at the medical images to see what your facial structure looks like. With computer software, it is also possible to learn how your smile will look after an orthodontic treatment repairs your bite. If you find it difficult to chew fresh vegetables or fruit, then having your teeth straightened can make it easier to enjoy a healthier diet on a daily basis.

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When you live in Larkspur, Calif., you can schedule an appointment with Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics. At our facility, you can have an examination from one of these orthodontists:

• Dr. Jeff Nichelini
• Dr. Bill Schmohl
• Dr. Jasmine Gorton

Patients can undergo treatment with a variety of orthodontic devices, including:

• Braces with colors – great for children and teenagers
• Damon clear – clear brackets that are nearly invisible
• Retainers – used to make minor adjustments to teeth
• Invisalign aligners – clear aligners that are removable

We also offer WowSmiles and Acceledent options to our orthodontic patients. Schedule an appointment by calling 415-459-8006 today.

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Nothing Shakes the Smiling Heart