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Signs of a good orthodontist Signs of a good orthodontist. Adults, particularly moms, between the ages of 20-45 usually have a tough time finding a good orthodontist mainly because their teeth, gum, and jawbone are fully developed and need expert orthodontic care. In this post, we’ll show you 10 Signs of a good orthodontist. Let’s get going.


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Signs of a Good Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dental specialist or dental surgeon that is not your primary care dentist. Well, most people may know that. What they may not know is an orthodontic surgeon is one who completed at least 2 years of specialized education and training beyond dental school. During this time, the surgeon learns techniques needed to competently perform orthodontics.

As a patient, finding this dental surgeon with certain fine qualities means a good overall experience receiving services or treatments and avoiding common orthodontic mistakes. While you can easily find one in your city or neighborhood, one with a reputation for outstanding performance is not necessarily easy to come by.


Orthodontic Procedures

Like dentists, an orthodontist is concerned about your oral health. But they specialize in helping you get straight teeth and correcting teeth and jaw misalignment (malocclusion). They are usually certified and licensed to perform procedures such as installing various types of braces to correct teeth overcrowding, gaps, or bite problems.

They may also perform orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, to correct abnormalities with the jawbone structure. Chewing, speaking, and breathing may be improved from these types of procedures. Successfully performing these procedures call for skills, expertise, and techniques complimented by the use of advanced technology and equipment and the right tools.

So before you slouch down into the dental chair, make sure you will be getting your money’s worth and an experience that will have you showcasing those pearly whites!


Good Qualities of an Orthodontic Specialist

Perhaps you’re not happy with the orthodontic treatment you received or you recently moved into the area and need a new and good orthodontic expert. The reasons for needing to find a good one are often related to factors such as services offered, skills, techniques and technology used, experience in the dental chair, treatment results, and cost.

By checking out these 10 qualities worth reviewing, you may save yourself from experiencing common orthodontic mistakes made during treatment:


  • Certified and Licensed to Practice

Certification, licenses, and accreditation are indications of knowledge and academic performance. They also represent the doctor’s status with the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), the organization that sets the standards of care for all orthodontists.


  • Passionate About Oral Health

Passionate means not being a professional who is all about the money, but about helping people have properly functioning teeth and jaw and good overall oral health. This passion carries over into the way they are always happy to see their patients and willing to meet their needs.


  • Expertise in Specialized Areas

Competence in performing the services offered is another good sign of an orthodontic practitioner worth their name. Whether it is installing metal braces or Invisalign™ or correcting malocclusions, he or she has the skill and have performed countless procedures over several years to perfect the art.



  • Professional in Their Duties

If this dental practitioner is any good, he or she performs duties in a professional manner. It involves treating each patient with equal respect regardless of their needs or social or economic status. They are approachable, easy to talk to, interact well with patients and staff, and convey sensitive information with regards to the patient’s privacy.


  • Positive Attitude

This is a personality trait you can’t miss or rather would know is missing. Pleasant, energetic, enthusiastic, and always motivated to help you are hallmarks of a great and positive work attitude. A dental surgeon with this trait lights up the room when he or she enters. It sets the tone for the doctor-patient interaction and can disarm even the most ‘closed-off’ patient.


  • Non-Judgmental About Patients Needs

This dental surgeon spends time working inside the mouth. One who is non-judgmental will not ask questions and give advice about your dental or health condition in a manner that will leave you feeling self-conscious or ashamed. Instead, information will be conveyed with utmost regard for your feelings.


  • Can Be Trusted

When you can trust your doctor, you more easily confide in and rely on them. One who is trustworthy gives an accurate diagnosis, follows codes of ethics, and is honest and transparent. This allows you to cast your care into their hands without worrying about pain or a botched procedure. You know they have your best interest at heart.


  • Easy to Communicate With

Being professional and passionate motivates this specialist to connect with each patient. It shows in the manner of speaking to the patient and listening to their needs. This puts the patient at ease to divulge even sensitive or embarrassing information, knowing it will be held in strict confidence.


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  • Pays Attention to Details

A detail-oriented orthodontic expert is familiar with patients and may even know their names or their dental needs by heart. This good comes from listening carefully without being preoccupied or distracted during patient consultations. Procedures are also done paying attention to the finest details to avoid orthodontic mistakes.


  • Positive Client Reviews

Reviews can be a good yardstick to measure the quality and competence of this oral surgeon. In fact, it could be the tell-all, except it is subjective. Nevertheless, positive testimonials may go a long way in helping you decide to make that consultation. Bear in mind that publicized reviews do not always represent facts toward a good orthodontist.




Your search for an orthodontist with these fine and professional qualities will finally be over once you meet either Dr. Gorton, Dr. Schmohl, or Dr. Bekmezian. They are all board certified, experienced, and personable!

They approach their work with a passion for helping you achieve the smile you desire. The consultation is done in a comfortable environment with compassion and understanding for your needs and concerns. Advanced orthodontic techniques and the latest diagnostic equipment are utilized to provide you with the best possible services.

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