A Smile is a Powerful Weapon; You can Break Ice with it!


A Smile is a Powerful Weapon; You can Break Ice with it!

Have you ever seen one of those magicians that can tell if you are lying or not? They line up a bunch of people on stage and one of them is randomly selected to tell a lie. The magician then goes down the line asking very simple questions and he picks out the liar 100% of the time.

The magician can do this because he is trained in spotting “tells”. Everybody has tells and they can be so powerful that the FBI and border security agents are trained to spot them. But there is one social tell that is incredibly important, especially to a teenager’s confidence. And that tell is a genuine smile.

Everyone Can Tell The Difference Between A Real Smile And A Fake One

A long time ago, a French physician by the name of Guillaume Duchenne studied the smile. He found that a fake smile had a tell — the person did not smile with their eyes. A genuine smile is marked by the outside corners of the eyes raising along with the outside corners of the lips. And genuine smiles are only smiled by confident teenagers.

Genuine Smiles Make All The Difference

It’s no secret that a genuine smile is much more attractive than a fake one. In fact, a genuine smile can have an attractive power and even serve to as an icebreaker in making friends. But if a teenager is ashamed of his or her teeth, it’s going to be difficult to let out a real smile. And everyone can intrinsically spot a fake smile from across the room. This can have deleterious effects on a teenager’s social life.

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A smile is a light in the window of your face that lets people know you’re at home.