I Have a Tickle in my Brain and it Keeps Making the Corners in my Mouth Point Towards the Heavens


Great smiles can make your whole face happy. For some people, though, a smile doesn’t start out perfectly. Misaligned teeth, overbites, gaps and more can make people feel self-conscious about smiling. No one should go through life worried about smiling. A great orthodontist can help people have their best smile possible.

For children, braces can straighten and align those young teeth. Metal wires are held in place by brackets placed on the teeth. About every six weeks an orthodontist will adjust the braces, allowing the teeth to shift into the perfect position. For most teenagers, braces are a fact of life. School pictures will show a mouthful of metal. This is okay, even expected.

Adults may want to be a bit more discreet. They may want to hide the fact that they are having their teeth straightened. New dating relationships, a job position and other factors could play into the desire to be discreet. Orthodontists can help with invisalign aligners. Clear, removable aligners are worn to straighten the teeth. Nobody will notice them while someone is wearing them. However, they will notice a straighter, more ready smile. Being removable makes it very easy for a person to continue brushing and flossing, even eating their favorite foods. Every two weeks the aligner will be removed, replaced with the next one in the series. In under two years a great new smile will emerge, ready to dazzle the world.

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In Marin County, Calif., you can visit Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics to have an examination and treatment from these professionals:

• Dr. Jasmine Gorton
• Dr. Bill Schmohl
• Dr. Jeff Nichelini

An orthodontist will discuss orthodontic options with you to repair problems such as crowded teeth,crossbites or overbites. Depending on your malocclusions, you can wear one of these devices:

• Retainers
• Invisalign
• WildSmiles
• Braces with colors
• Traditional or Damon Clear

We also offer WowSmiles and Acceledent options to our orthodontic patients. Schedule an appointment by calling 415-459-8006 today.

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I Have a Tickle in my Brain and it Keeps Making the Corners in my Mouth Point Towards the Heavens