A Smile Is Something You Can’t Give Away; It Always Comes Back To You!

smileA Smile Is Something You Can’t Give Away; It Always Comes Back To You!

When you give a smile, you usually get one in return. What an easy way to brighten the day of a loved one or a stranger. A beautiful smile can take you many places in life. It is often the door opener for a job offer or a first date.

An orthodontist specializes in the treatment of straightening malformed teeth and bites due to occlusions that form when adult teeth erupt. There can also be a genetic factor involved where the problem may present sooner. They can examine children as young as 7 years old to get a look via digital X-ray to determine if the adult teeth are growing in properly. Misaligned teeth that are not properly straightened and maintained by orthodontics can result in poor bite, jaw and head pain and loss of teeth.

At Marin Orthodontics, Drs. Gorton, Schmohl and Nichelini use the most advanced and least invasive techniques to fit braces properly. The faculty is experienced in the treatment of orthodontic issues of all natures. Your orthodontist at Marin really listens and cares about the well being and comfort of each and every patient and treats each as an individual. Since orthodontics is never a one size fits all situation, every patient is given an examination and consultation based on their individual needs.

Our orthodontists will offers several treatments for many types of orthodontic issues. Invisalign and Damon clear braces offer nearly invisible correction of misaligned teeth. Invisalign can be removed for cleaning and eating. We offer braces with colors for fashionable correction in addition to metal ones with wires. We can often use the Acceledent correction technique to hasten correction in many cases.

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When your teeth are aligned properly and your jaw is flowing smoothly, you will find more reasons to flash those pearly whites every day. Let Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics be your partner in good oral hygiene.

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